#FashionFridays: Men Tailored Looks

How ingenious is this?!  A pop-up tailor!  I ran into Manny Amankwah not long ago on Wall Street, giving men tips on getting their tailored look together.  Request a pop up tailor to your office or home.  Custom suits start at under 500.  Men put down the one size fits all look and get into a look that is tailored to hug you just right! Women love a man in a suit.




Cheers to a tailor-made weekend!

#FashionFridays Skirts, Dresses, Bold Colors

You can never go wrong with a flowing dress or a skirt!  Wear it to work, then transition to an evening of fun.  Just throw one on that fits your shape, no fuss no muss.


Birthday Outings! Such a Gemini...it was cold so I threw on some leggings with my sandals. It works!


Giving thanks for another blessed year! Paired up my African skirt with simple blouse and jacket for work, then take off the jacket for after work birthday shenanigans!


Stopping to smell the tulips. Pair up a dark colored skirt with a bright top, funk it up!

Cheers to my Geminis!  Love the life you live…in a skirt 😄!

#FashionFridays June Movements


June 14th make Boss Moves at Milk River with Kimo Bentley & some great movers and shakers! Check her out at http://www.kimobentley.com


Come on over & sip & chat with Dhylles, Life Coach & Motivator on June 13th find her at http://www.coachdhyllesdavis.com


Check out NY African Restaurant Week hosted by Anie Akpe creator of all things tech website http://www.innov8tiv.com on June 6th! Food & tech convo, what more could you ask for!

Cheers to Friday & to my Geminis!!  Support these ladies & their events.

#FashionFridays #Women Owned Businesses


Are you in potty training mode right now? Well you should try Lil Genies Pee Pee in the Potty song & book created by Madegine Gauthier. It's great! Guaranteed your baby will love it & pee pee in the potty! Check it out @lilgeniesproductions


Yum Chocolate Lollipops by Sam's Delights! I ordered these bowling pops & they were great. She has an assortment of treats. Samanda Rene has created her delights just for you. Place your order today Samsdelights.com


If you are near the DC area check out Fitness Enthusiast AJ, owner of Fitness Pride! Get your workout on with this Mom & Motivator! @FitnessPride_aj


Loving this necklace & earring set I purchased from Femi Lewis owner of Fab Finds NYC. Check out her site Fabfindsnyc.com


Sam's Delights


You want to know why my skin stays so fresh & clean? I use only the best beauty products that are kind to my skin. Try Kimo Bentley's skin care line. Loving this Shea Citrus Soap. Find her line in Walgreens now or on her site kimobentley.com


Interior Decor by Amin & her husband, check out their lovely pillows. Have to spruce up my decor, will be getting a few pillows AminAmeenDesigns.com Then check out self-taught artist Karina Daniel's canvas bags, greeting cards & art prints. Have to get the Brooklyn bag, of course Lovelyearthlings.com After you pick up a bag or two head over to Monique Alvarez's site to pick up some great vintage statement pieces Lifestylestatement.com


All smiles with Business Owner Kimo Bentley.

Cheers, to supporting one another ladies!

#FashionFridays Misfit #Women On The Go


We do it all. Make a smoothie, pack a lunch for ourselves the kids the husband, pour some power steering fluid in the car, then off to work. And we keep it moving! Women!

Women on the go know that sometimes things are just Black & White. Some of us are simply Misfits. I call myself a misfit because I have never really fit in the way people may think.  I have come to love my corkiness, and am not afraid to be a misfit, but fitting in with the trend because I know it’s God’s plan.

We Women don’t and can’t find time to find the meaning behind whatever “it” is that may be going on around us.  Through the chaos, fighting, world instability, love, joy or unkindness I take it for what it is, misfittings and all.  My week was all Black & White, from my attire to my attitude.  Not in between, whatever was dealt to me I dealt with it head on.  Not trying to figure it all out when I have my own to hash out. Women, we deal accordingly and with a hightened intuition.  I no longer ignore it, nor should you.

How was your week?  Did you deal with your life in a straight-forward manner even though you were served shades of grey?  Did you embrace your uniqueness?


Sometimes you have to pop the hood and take charge. My Daddy taught me to look under the hood of my car and figure stuff out, because you never know when you may be the one to have to fix a minor problem.


Wait! Let me slide this lipstick on, ok leggo!


Happy Friday! Praying for the train to arrive.


Started my Monday with Black & White, with a bold splash of orange. Crop top at work, yes you can. But you better layer up that bad boy in the office :-)

Cheers to just doing it and not being afraid to be a misfit!

#FashionFridays #WomenWhoCrushIt


Photo Credit @iammarisaking

Are you crushing it?  Are you a woman that does it all, takes care of your family, work and everything in between?  Then you are crushing it!  I gathered with a great group of women who are crushing it and received great tools of wisdom to add to my life and career journey.


The speakers were phenomenal, Jodie Patterson, Kelly Lynn Adams & Lola Ogunnaike.  The focus of the discussion was following your passion.
Lola talked about wanting to be a journalist, although it was not necesarily the path her parents wanted.  But, she went for it and it has paid off. 

Kelly spent 10 years in corporate finance. Her mission is to help women and their businesses realize they can be and do anything. She also made an important point about our health. Stating that women have to keep their bodies in mind when we are busy doing it all, so often we run down ourselves. Our bodies and mind must come first.

Jodie discussed shifting careers, reinvention.  Her father opened up first black brokerage firm on Wall Street so naturally she was a entrepreneur.   She followed the things that were of interest to her, from music to being an acrobat in the big apple circus.  She stated that you must push through tge fear.  Her advice was to step back and look, sit back and watch form an opinion use your intuition as a women to find your path.

The women gave three points of advice to use in life and your career:
-Networking, after five networking in NY  is a must “mind your life” find what moves you in your particular area of interest and hone in on that.

-Follow-up, so the work that comes after making that connection

-Women have a great way of going after there passion, but if should be about “Progress not perfection”

-Keep your body in mind, health is key

-Be aggressive, often we don’t want to be perceived as over bearung, but find a way to have your voice heard, ask for what you want

-Form partnerships

-Find what makes you happy touch them everyday, your happiness is very important

Best question of the evening was,
how do you deal with mean girls? Because Lord knows, they exist.  They don’t stop when they grow up, they continue.  The ladies had this to say: Actively disengage with those women, be cordial but don’t engage.  If the mean girl is your boss sometimes you have to  stup to conquer, be the grasshopper.  Surround yourself with like-minded people where you work, in your life and move away from the mean girls.   Sometimes you have to ride out the situation you are in, you will not always be on top all the time.

“Have to get comfortable with failure, marshal that failure…helps you get stronger!”  Great advice! Thank you to Marisa King-Redwood & Tani Chambers for orchestrating such a great event!

Cheers to all the Women Who Crush It!!

#FashionFridays: Fashion Revolution Day #WhoMadeMyClothes #FashRev


Did you know today is Fashion Revolution Day?  Do you know who made the clothing you are wearing? 

“Fashion Revolution Day is an opportunity to celebrate fashion as a positive influence, raise awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues, show that change is possible and celebrate those who are on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion. Together, we will rally the high street, the high end, the innovators, the fashion students, the media, the public, the activists, the makers, the wearers – and everyone in between.  The event will highlight QR Code project #tracemyfashion in order to promote transparency in the Fashion Industry. Fashion Revolution Bangladesh in partnership with BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology – BUFT and Hong Kong-based non-profit, Lensational will launch an interactive platform to answer #whomademyclothes and Norway based organization Fashion Footprint.”

Two years ago today, on 24 April 2013, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  These types of events have been happening for too long, I wrote a few weeks ago about child labor issues that have also plaqued the fashion supply chains.

Fashion Revolution is taking a stand against these issues and asking fashion companies who makes their clothing. Won’t you join us, take a picture/selfieof the label and hashtag it #whomademyclothes and then be sure to tag the brand! Who worked hard to spun the threads, to sew them together, who grew the cotton? Ask your favorite fashion company, make this campaign even bigger than last year!

Cheers to ethical fashion!