The Beginning

Very simply, this is a place to discuss any and everything related to what we call Fashion! I was labeled a Fashionista at a very young age. Ever since I was inducted into what I would call a “Movement” I have vowed to keep the legacy of the Fashionista’s alive :).

Some people take Fashion for granted but I for one look at it as more than just body covering. Fashion is Art that can speak volumes about how you feel at that particular moment. There not only exists the visual side of the industry but the business and legal side of which I would also like to explore. So, join me as we discover together the various pieces that hold the Fashion Community together and perhaps you too will discover your Fashionista!

Oh what is a Fashionista? Hmmmm, well I define it as being similar to a cooking recipe…you have all your ingredients, one midnight blue pencil-skirt, an orange chiffon blouse, a pearl ring and matching earrings, a sexy pair of suede black, rounded front, ankle strapped high-heeled shoes (getting the visual), a greyish black patent leather satchel, and a sleek watch (should always have the time at your fingertips). A non-Fashionista sees several items that don’t match that could make an outfit but is unsure, this is fine no judgments. The Fashionista sees how all the pieces or the ingredients can be mixed together to create a wonderful dish with an added pinch of sophistication, a dash of confidence and a tablespoon of style and grace! The Fashionista always sees the possibility of a great outfit no matter what the limitation!

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