Summer Ends While We Fall Into a New Season

Fashionista’s this post is a bit late but still can be appreciated!

I can’t believe its almost Labor Day and the summer is over! Before, you know it we will be in sweaters and boots. Although I love the Fall weather the initial transition from one season of clothing to another is sometimes very difficult. Ever find yourself in that in between phase? Is it ok to still wear my sandals or should I pack it up and start wearing closed shoes. My body almost has an insane allergic reaction to the whole experience. Sounds dramatic but its true!! I find the only solution is to jump right into the season, provided the weather permits. If its still a hot humid day in October then maybe, just maybe you can forgo that sweater.

I also believe there has been an official abolishment of the “No White after Labor Day.” I believe the Fashionistas abolished this not very long ago. Although Winter White was always acceptable, you are now allowed full white. However, I would suggest not going crazy with it. Some outfits just speak Summer. If your white ensemble speaks summer and its fall then perhaps its a no go. When I envision white in the fall or winter, I picture white slacks with a cardigan or a button-down blouse that’s perhaps a darker color to offset the white. I also see layering of the tops with the white bottom. I do not see a white skirt, but I can picture a white dress in a knit fabric or sweater material that gives it that Fall/Winter feel.

Here are some seasonal wardrobe transition rules to live by:

1) First and foremost, evaluate your closet. Take inventory…what needs to go and what can be utilized for another season. Doing this helps to make that connection to your new season wardrobe. Its very hard to see Fall clothing in a sea of sun dresses. So, start separating and figuring out how your going to start slowly integrating your Fall clothing into your wardrobe.

2) Take it one day at a time. Listen to weather reports. You are still hit with some warm days in September so plan accordingly.

3) Once you have taken inventory of your Fall collection and know your weather forecast simply decide slacks, skirt or dress? Decided?

Then what color do you feel like today? Fabulous colors I am enjoying this season are purple, green and plaids but do or die black is still your go to color if all else fails. Fashionista Rule #1: When all else fails Black will do! Decided?

Finally, what shoe…I love this part! The type of shoe you pair with your outfit can instantly transform ypur creation. So, its Fall but still warm so the world is your oyster! You can still go with a peep-toe or a fully closed shoe not sure about the boots yet. Some people break out boots early but I have a special day when the mood strikes me as the right time to wear my boots. Its normally the first day the air gets crisp…you know the day I’m speaking of. The air is crisp, the sun is still bright and the leaves are turning that’s the day I break out the boots. Right now I feel you should continue to enjoy your heels or patent leather ballerina flats.

Happy Transition!!!

Smooches 🙂

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