Close Enough

I let a week pass before I discussed the utter exuberance I felt last week Tuesday. There have been so many comments, opinions and emotions that I needed to let it marinate before I spoke on it! First and foremost, Congratulations to President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and their families! I know technically, I should say President-Elect but I can’t wait 71 days, La fete est complet (French saying for the party is done!)

The city was live last week with Obama supporters hugging, crying and just screaming because of the excitement of getting it right this time. I was one of those Obama supporters crying and hugging strangers, but not strangers at all because we share so many common goals in life. I cried because I saw myself in Obama, I saw myself in Michelle, being a fellow attorney, being a woman, being Black! Obama symbolizes exactly what I saw that night in NYC: Unity. He does something to people that is quite infectious, he moves people toward a positive change.

I listened to Street Soldiers yesterday, a radio broadcast on Hot 97.1 hosted by Lisa Evers. The guest panel, Dr. Jeff Garde, psychologist, Sakia Sandefur, co-author of his book with Kanye West and Mike Muse, who worked on the Obama Campaign. They discussed many issues facing this Change that has come about. They touched upon relationships, in seeing how Michelle supported Barack and that he is with a Black woman, how children will have a new perspective on race, how the young black community is effected, how it is now acceptable to be smart or a nerd as some may describe. But, one statement did stick with me “drinking the Obama Kool-Aid” meaning that today people feel empowered to move in a manner to bring about change but tomorrow the movement tends to dissipate. We go through that on a daily basis in our lives, one day you are gung-ho about your career, a relationship, a new opportunity and the next day if something negative happens then you change your mind about everything. However, I want people to remember that this is not a one day celebration, don’t just drink the Obama Kool-Aid and not try to bring about change in your own life. You must look at this movement as a everyday stride. We have to support and be proactive and not seat on our laurels. Don’t let the slight instance of imperfection or a negative situation slow down your involvement in this movement of Change. It was not enough to vote for the change, now we have to continue to walk the walk. Sorry, don’t mean to preach, but I do because this goes for me as well!

The road ahead will be long and hard as Obama said, but I urge you to not criticize so harshly if things are not perfect. My new mantra besides Change is Close Enough! Let’s say it together people “Close Enough.” Close Enough is not a cop-out. It just means that we should not loose our momentum for the Change we have believed in and witnessed come to fruition on November 4th. Let’s not look at the glass half empty if, like I said before, things are not perfect. When people begin to scrutinize your decisions, I will applaud you President Obama and Vice President Biden for getting “Close Enough.” Throughout history, think of the many people, political religious and the like, that tried so hard to bring about change and got close enough but were still criticized. I feel that it will not be any different for this administration. They have come into this situation with great obstacles to surmount. But, I think we should realize we are on the path to change and should not loose sight of that in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

The Quintessential Fashionista: First Lady Michelle Obama

On a Fashion note let’s discuss Michelle Obama, one of the Top Fashionista’s in my book. My friend, Oni, commented that her choice in the way she dresses is “classy and regal” and not like the past First Ladies. I agree Oni! I absolutely love her sense of style and the Narcisco Rodriguez dress she wore that night was hot! Of course some called it the Hell Dress, blah blah blah, she is her own person and that’s why they criticize. That is what a Fashionista is all about, being your own person, not being in competition with others! One last note, my absolute favorite moment that night (everyone agrees) is when she and Barack embraced, kissed and she said I love you! It was beautiful to see that type of chemistry between the two of them! It was their private moment in the midst of millions watching. Can I tell you why that relationship works? It works because they are not in competition with each other. Most relationships fail because secretly one person is insecure or competing with the other party. Here Michelle has decided for herself what her role will be as First Lady, she is her own person and because of that I applaud you. She is holding down her man and her family! Take note Ladies and Gentlemen 🙂

2 thoughts on “Close Enough

  1. Tha Connoisseur says:

    Yes indeed cuz, you raised great points. It sure was an evening wasn’t it? One that as a Canadian, I was extremely elated to be a part of.

  2. Nakesha says:

    I loved this blog entry. I definitely needed to read it, I am one of the people (I can admit it) that is celebrating one day and then as soon as something negative comes I’m ready to give up. I truly need to stop that because I will be full of anger and disappointment. Thanks! And you are very right about Michelle. I love their relationship-how genuine it is, and how she is very supportive of her man. We as a black community need to see that and get back on track of the old fashioned love! There is hope! And I LOVE it!!

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