Staying the Course

Staying the Course…a wise Fashionista imparted these words of wisdom to me. I fell in love with this saying immediately. So, what does it mean? It means stay focused, very simple. It means when things get hard like they often do or your disappointed by life or people, just stay the course. Don’t be moved, don’t loose confidence, don’t be intimidated…stay on track and most importantly enjoy life while on the Course. Easier said then done?! Nope its easy!

Ask yourself a few questions:

1) What do I want?
2) What do I have to do to get it?
3) What are my obstacles?
4) How do I overcome those obstacles to reach my goal?

This is your Course, when you have your questions answered then you stay on that Course until you reach your goal. You must understand that a Fashionista is a focused and well- faceted individual. Being a Fashionista is more than knowing how to dress, its knowing what you want and getting it!

Right now in this financial climate you have to Stay the Course. So, many are loosing their jobs, bills are piling up, hope seems to be diminishing on all fronts. But, this is the time to be EMPOWERED! If you have ever been on a fast then you understand. When you have given up something for a period of time, you have a sense of fulfillment in having gained insight into what you really want. Similar to a relationship, you never know how bad, good or how you could have made it better until its over. This is the perfect time you gain insight into yourself, during the difficult times: Do I need a career change? Maybe I need to spend more time with my family? Perhaps I should invest more time in my relationship or re-evaluate? Take this time to work on yourself, be more organized about your finances, decide what you can and can’t afford, take a look at your credit report (the pen is mightier then the sword so write letters to the credit bureaus and creditors, dispute discrepancies, put consumer statements on your report), what are some luxuries you can do without. Are you getting the idea?

Take a deeper look into your closet what can I give away to those less fortunate than me or can I get another use out of the sweater before buying a new one. But, if you must shop then perhaps you should think about a thrift store. I was watching the news the other evening and one of the stories discussed how many people have turned to thrift stores to shop. Its not appalling at all, people. There are unbelievable finds at thrift stores, brand name items and even new items with the tags still attached. Stores that have overstocked an item donate those goods to thrift stores. Its true…you can find vintage and all! So, if you still feel the urge to shop but want to do it on a budget check out some of these stores:

Golden Shoestring

Vintage, Consignment and Thrift Stores

Salvation Army- Hell’s Kitchen NYC (this one apparently has great furniture)

Its Fashionably Chic to be Cheap!
Remember to Stay the Course Fashionistas!

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