Tuesday Tips/Elevate Yourself

Fashionistas, its always a good idea to think about stepping out of your comfort zone. Someone once said to me that they wanted to elevate their circumstances. I thought that was an interesting way to put it, but I think you must also elevate your thinking for your circumstances to improve. So, often we get comfortable with what’s familiar that we either take it for granted or forget to explore the endless possibilities that are out there just waiting for us. Whether that means taking up a new hobby or leaving your surroundings, you should try something new. I think it’s crazy to put yourself in a box or allow others to put constraints on you. Its not only important to elevate your life with creature comforts, but its also important to elevate your way of thinking and attitude toward life and others. Here are some ways to elevate yourself and your thinking:

When it comes to yourself,

-Try going to a store you’ve never been to in another part of the city

-Try going to another borough, state or country for that matter…experience a different culture (if you don’t have a passport I suggest you make it your business to apply for one)

-Learn another language

-Read a book on a topic that you would not ordinarily read

-Move to a different neighborhood

-Take a class to learn something new: photography, sewing, graphic design (you get the picture 🙂

When it comes to your thinking,

-This is simple but taken for granted, treat people the way you want to be treated, don’t expect to receive something you have not given

-Try not to over think situations (so hard for an attorney:), things are sometimes exactly as they appear

-Try positive thinking and not dwelling on the negative, work with the present time not the past or the future just the present

-Try walking away from an impossible situation instead of arguing

-Try not to forget those around you by being so self-involved, this does not mean you loose your focus it just means that you are mindful of others

-Have a little patience with others

The point is not to limit yourself to your usual way of life or thinking, but to ELEVATE YOURSELF AND YOUR MIND Fashionistas!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips/Elevate Yourself

  1. Nakesha says:

    I love it!!! I’m actually trying to follow some of your tips..Elevation is sooo needed in my life, especially now. Thanks love!

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