2009~The Year of Change

Good Morning Fashionistas!

2009 is the year of change! But, rather than waiting for the New Year to begin to work on my resolutions, I decided to get a head start. I thought about what I wanted to change or focus on and started the resolution journey in September. My Uncle normally starts his resolutions on February 1st. His theory is that you shouldn’t set yourself up for failure! Think about it, on the 1st of each year your either just coming home from a soiree, Times Square, house shing-ding…who’s thinking about going to the gym, eating a carrot or acting like the person you really want to be. Ok, some of us may be coming from Church, Temple or wherever you praise your God, so you may have a leg up…no offense party-goers. Either way, the first of the year symbolizes a new beginning a rebirth of sorts. We all look forward to it because its a time to re-invent yourself. My advice is to look at everyday as a new beginning instead of putting all this pressure on poor little January 1st. I suggest starting your journey off in small doses to achieve your goals, pick whatever day you want and go from there. Don’t feel defeated if you miss that day at the gym, loose your patience for a moment, or eat two containers of McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts (ashamed to admit they are really good if you find the right McDonald’s…I digress :). Just know that every moment can be a rebirth and you can, as I used to say when I was younger, get a “DO OVER.”


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