Fashion Faux Pas

Last night I went out to this Lounge, that shall remain nameless, and was shocked by the new fashion trends. Some ladies have watched one too many episodes of Sex and the City and feel the need to act out the theatrical events in their own lives.

It was a classic fashion faux pas when Cary Bradshaw wore that backless dress with her bra strap showing. But, it absolutely worked for her. It had a classy yet edgy look. This style is not for everyone. Last night, there were several women wearing this style, however the size of the back of the bra strap and bra type was not attractive. I am not normally a critic of any one’s style, everyone is very unique in their appearance and I can respect individuality. But, I just want Fashionistas to keep these two words in mind “Sophisticated Sexy.” This is my mantra people. You can be Sophisticated and Sexy all at once. There is no need for the abundant cleavage to the point where your suffocating people when they look in your direction. Less is definitely more. Allow others to imagine the possibilities! You can exude Sophisticated Sexy without being out right blatant about it. There is something absolutely sexy about a man or woman that can project sexy in their aura without baring their whole soul.

Please stop the back strap bra showing unless you have thoroughly thought the whole ensemble through. You’ll thank me later!

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