Where Have All The Dresses Gone?

As I watched the highlights of the Inaugural Balls, I wondered “where have all the dresses gone?” The stars were decked out, but no one dress stood out in my mind. Of course, First Lady Michelle Obama looked beautiful in her dress designed by 26 year-old Jason Wu. I have to admit I was not totally wowed by the dress. However, Jason Wu’s Collections are breath-taking. The dresses, the prints and the detail are to die for! Check out his website. I am not being negative whatsoever, about the Inaugural Dress. Michelle is my girl! But, I envisioned something else. I should have sent in my sketch. She has a thousand and one more functions to attend, so perhaps I will find Michelle’s address and mail her my idea :)! Check out 55 Secret Street to see the other designs submitted for the Inaugural Dress.

First and foremost Fashionistas when you are attending a Ball, you must wear a long gown. Its a must in my book! Cocktail dresses are for cocktail parties! Balls, mean regal, elaborate galas and thus you should project the same in your attire. Doesn’t have to be expensive or designer. You can find great Ball gowns that are inexpensive.

That’s why I was appalled at Alicia Keys outfit. I loved it for perhaps, Sunday Church, not for the Ball. Vanessa Williams killed me with that powder blue or light teal with pink embroidered flowers. She does so well on Ugly Betty, what happened that night. Kerry Washington, who I love and feel like is my twin ok I’ll stop, was wearing what exactly?! Shakira needed to stop the Sexy dance, dress was blah, hair was great!
Beyonce’s dress was probably the only one that made my passable list, but still the high neck was somewhat of a older look for her. Loved the fabric and color, her hair could have been done up a little more and perhaps some nipple covers would have worked! But, she sang beautifully.

Black was certainly “in” for the night! But, still not a great hit for those that choose the classic look.

But, I loved Mariah’s dress (she has a glow…is she pregnant, Congrats Nick) and that was about it. So, has the economy now affected dress designs? I don’t understand. I’ll wait to see what happens at the Oscars. If the same phenomena occurs then I know we have a problem of global proportion 🙂 I may have to step in!
One last note…
The suit that First Lady Obama wore was designed by Isabella Toledo, a Cuban-born designer that has her own line, and previously worked as creative director for Anne Klein. Kudos to her, I liked the suit, however I think a buttoned-down coat with a higher neck would have been appropriate for the cold weather. But, just minor design differences, no biggie. Apparently, lemongrass is the new Black! I like it!

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