Fashion Week Excitement

I know not everyone cares about Fashion Week or Fashion for that matter, but come on its exciting when it comes around? Well, it’s definitely exciting for me, I admit. The Fashion Industry, like most industries has its own rules. So, let me set the scene for you backstage at a typical show:

Picture tons of security (everyone asking for credentials lol), hair and make-up people, camera & news people everywhere, stars, star-wanna be’s, designers, dressers, production people, oh yes and finally the models!! Imagine all these people under a tent, but securing a small area, it’s organized chaos at its finest. I absolutely relish in every moment. It’s one of my small delights in life šŸ™‚

Now all this mayhem for a show that is only about fifteen minutes long. Crazy, right…no! I think with anything you have a passion for it must be detailed and should be executed in a meticulous manner, even if only for fifteen minutes. Fashion people are definitely detail-oriented. Everything is accounted for, the look cards, which are very descriptive in telling the dresser what the model must have on and how it must be worn. The garments are checked and re-checked to make sure everyone understands how the clothing is worn, what button snaps where, what is tucked in, what is zipped up, how a belt is buckled, you get it. The looks are steamed, delinted, static-guard, shoes are scorched, tags are snipped, and it goes on. Some models do a test run of the looks to make sure everything fits properly. Sometimes there are a few rehearsals before show time. The hair and make-up is touched up seveal times and must be exact or it will be done over.

After all of that then you hear, “First Look”, it’s like someone yelled ready, set, go! And literally, the show begins with the dressing of the models, the primping, the calling of each model to line up in his/her respective positions. The designer and stylists walk through and double check each model several times before hitting the runway. Then the model walks in her first look, and here comes more craziness if the model has a second and third look, she runs back from off the stage and clothes are flying off to jump into the next look. The adrenaline is pumping, but you have to stay calm and in the moment to be certain every detail on the model is exact because no mistakes can be made. There she goes back in line for her second walk. Then the finale and with a blink of the eye the show is done and everyone is applauding for a job well done!

Ok, now breathe! That was fun, now let’s do it again….

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