Keep Looking Forward, A Response to the Post Cartoon

I received all the e-mails and heard all the discussions about the Post cartoon. I wasn’t going to address it, only because sometimes you need not give credence to such attitudes. But, then I figured why not be short and brief about how I feel on the matter. To say anymore would be wasted energy.

I have only three statements to make:

One: I normally do not buy the Post, and will continue with that trend. I suggest you follow suit! These days its not that hard to put a business out of commission.

Two: I hope no one actually thought that because we had an African-American President that mentalities would change? Nothing in this lovely world is perfect, especially people and their opinions. So, just take this as a lesson that with change still remains the ignorance of a few.

Last: Keep looking forward and don’t turn back! We now have a President we would have never in a million years dreamt of having. Don’t let one mans depiction of a situation cloud the goal that was just accomplished. Keep looking ahead, dust your shoulders off and keep it moving! There will always be someone making a negative statement when there is absolutely nothing negative that should be said. But, then we grapple with that thing called Freedom of Speech, and some may just call the cartoon satire at its best. Something to contemplate.

But, I look at the cartoon as a disrespectful move not only on the part of the illustrator but on the part of the Post, all for sensationalism and the selling of papers! This is not what most of the American people want to see at such an ominous time. Its just not! Of course, this is my version of Free Speech as well!

Keep Looking Forward!

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