That’s the website address you go to find out where our money is headed! I have to go to bed, but wanted to write a quick note about the President’s Joint Session Speech. I was totally blown away, again, by President Obama. Some of the critics are saying that he is taking on too much at once. But, I am a firm believer of Multi-Tasking! He has an aggressive agenda and that is what we need. An agenda that is going to tackle the most important things to the American people, and as you know many issues are on our minds these days.

President Obama discussed:

1) The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan that was just passed…can I get an Amen!
2) No tax increases for those making less than 250k, there also be tax cuts for these individuals
3) Health Care Reform, Preventive Medicine, Reduce Health Care Costs by $2,500, and more
4) No Torture, Closing of Guantanamo Bay
5) Increase of pay and health benefits for our Military and Veterans
6) Higher Education incentive for those that volunteer in their community
7) Cutting the deficit in his first term
8) Increasing research for a cure for Cancer
9) The moving out of the troops from the Middle East
10) The Energy Issue, Implement a program to reduce greenhouse emissions
11) Increase in jobs
12) Strengthen Education System
13) Foreign Policy to renew alliances and start new ones
14) Extension of Unemployment Benefits
15) Decreasing Terrorism

And that’s just to name a few! He gets a A+ from me, not that we should be grading him. I have to stop watching the Nightline Report Card with George Stephanopolous . Check out and to stay in touch with the President’s policies and to follow the money.

One last note, Governor Jindal is not the one to bring the GOP back. Just cause JT brought Sexy back, doesn’t mean you can do it in just one overacted speech. I am not being bias at all! He did not give a rebuttal speech, it was a campaign speech. The beginning part of the speech he reiterated what we already know about the President and the history that he signifies. The speech was suppose to highlight the issues that the American people are focused on and how he agreed or disagreed and how the Republicans will either help or voice their own change about the issues I listed above.

Ok, goodnight!
Keep Multi-Tasking Fashionistas šŸ™‚

One thought on “Recovery.Gov

  1. AJ says:

    I personally did not watch the entire speech last night as I was working. I was, however, able to view some of the clips of the speech that were posted on CNN. Obama is a great inspiration–I love him! My personal opinion is that the agenda is very ambitious. The timeline for accomplishing this ambitious agenda is the bigger issue. It is going to take a very long time to adequately address all of these issues. During the time the American people wait, what is in store for all of the hurting Americans? Iā€™m very concerned about the waiting period. Unfortunately, most Americans have not built themselves up to endure a season of waiting.

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