ARISE Magazine

ARISE, is the new magazine that explores African Fashion, Music, Politics and Culture. I picked up the first two issues at Fashion Week and just got around to flipping through it. I know its like March, and I am only flipping through the mags and WWD papers I picked up in February. But, you don’t understand how many mags I get and don’t go through immediately. Fashion mags are like Fine Wine, to me, they are to be savored and taken in slowwwwwwly! I did discuss the ARISE Collective Runway Show, in my Fashion Week coverage, which showcased several talented African Designers. Check out the video in my previous article.

This mag is ooozzing with all soughts of great info on new artists, like Patrice, so sexy or K’Naan, great lyricist), legendary artists like Fela Kuti, African Power Players like Librerian President Ellen John-Sirleaf, Nollywood (you know we like to cop those Nigerian movies), the latest and hottest Fashion, and much more! I loved it all, and the layout satisfied my aesthetically judging eyes. I am easily turned off by mags that do not easily flow, or where the author only knows what he or she is writing about. I won’t name any names! But, you know who you are….

Here’s an non-exhaustive list of Designers I think you should keep up with:
Black Coffee, Designed by Danica Lepen & Jacques van der Watt
Duro Olowu
Mobolaji Dawodu
Phyllis Taylor
Deola Sagoes
Oswald Boateng
Lanre De Silva
Tiffany Amber
Xuly Bet
Adebayo Jones

Check out these great sites, Haute and Belle Naija, to get an extensive list of African Designers. Be sure to check out the ARISE website!

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