What was Hot at Shecky’s Girls Night Out?

Two Eyewitness Fashionista Reporters, and friends, answered this question when they attended the Shecky’s event two weeks ago! Why wasn’t I there? Couldn’t brave the long line, had a prior commitment, if you must know :-)!

First let’s hear from Fashionista Nakesha Anthony, pictured center with her two beautiful friends:
“It was so busy, so crowded! Here are some vendors I particularly liked Tixxi & Co. they had unusual wooden and woven handbags that I thought were cool. Uniquely ChCha had a nice turn on photography. Go Sisterhood is a nice site for womens month and supportive of women’s issues! Every purchase made on Go Sisterhood, a donation will be made to the American Heart Society!

I LUV Friction Jewelry. I snagged a pair of earrings that look like the wisps you beat eggs along with a beautiful pair of earrings that were flower shaped, both pictured on the left. They were reasonably priced and they were willing to negotiate with me when I offered them a deal. Three Sirens had some cool outfits as well!

I absolutely LUV this vendor, NY Chameleon, as well! Some things were a bit pricey, but so much of their jewelry reminded me of Panama’s jewelry that I bought earrings for myself and my mom. Pictured below, Nice Stuff !

I also ordered the goodie bag and received some nice things, samples and such! There were samples of smoothies, wine, martinis, cookies, cupcakes and chip & dip stations. There were many many vendors present at this event. Some items were overpriced but many items were reasonably priced. I had a BLAST!”

Let’s hear from our second Fashionista Reporter Samantha Stephens:

“I think we’ve all been to the SoHo area before right? You know how they have those lil boutiques with independent designers selling “unique” clothes for High prices? Well, at this event, the prices are marked down 40-75%. There are also a lot of the designers there from the flea markets in SoHo. Anyway, add nice clothes plus FREE beauty treats, FREE drinks, FREE decadent desserts (they had cupcakes, cookies, smores, chocolate fondue (hmmm good!) and good company to the mix and you’ll have yourself a Grand ole time! The goodie bag is also a nice touch.

The goodie bag had all types of items that I will actually use! For example, included in my bag was a Yes to Carrots body scrub (6.2 oz), Jonathan polishing gloss (1.7 oz), Black Radiance lip gloss, a 1.75 package of Dr. Miracle’s Deep Conditioning Treatment and a big bottle (3.4 oz.) of Celine Dion’s par fum, Enchanting. And that’s only a few of the items that were in my bag. I only copped a pair of Michael Kors shades from Eye Save because I was on the run to meet a former coworker for drinks.

But, I ran into this Columbian designer, Sandra Baquero, that has some sexy simple comfortable looking cotton dresses. She didn’t have my size so homegirl broke out the measuring tape and said that she’d make me the dress for the same price – 80 bucks! Sandra doesn’t have a web site but she is at the market on Mulberry between prince and Houston every Saturday (9AM-7PM). Edge NY also had some nice pieces, check out their site Selma Karaca. There were some sisters from a shop called Marzee located in VA that had cute dresses/skirts, pictured below, but they were all size Small.”

Thank you ladies for that fabulous report! Sounds like you both had a great time. It’s all about the Girls Night Out! Those are some great style suggestions!! Hopefully, myself and those that missed it can catch Shecky’s when it returns in June! Go to Shecky’s site for further information and definitely check out the designers mentioned in this article! In the meantime, create your own Girls Night Out, gather your best girl friends and catch brunch or dinner and stroll through some of the best shopping areas in the city! Let me know what you find!

2 thoughts on “What was Hot at Shecky’s Girls Night Out?

  1. Samantha says:

    Nakesha, that’s too funny! I realized later that Celine Dion’s fragrances are sold exclusively at Duane Reade. Surprisingly, this one doesn’t smell too bad once the alcohol smell wears off…

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