This Week In Fashion…Sexy Show Stoppers!

So, I vote that the new style this Summer is the Sandal/Boot. Who agrees? There may be a name for them but I choose to call them Show Stoppers! They are all around sexy. All bets are off when you walk into a room with these. You get two in one, a boot and toe cleavage! What more could you ask for in a sexy heel! I posted this on my Facebook Fan Page and the women loved the Tan Aldo number! These are $100 bucks. The Christian Louboutin, I absolutely love his shoes! What woman doesn’t? Okay, there may be a few that don’t but that’s fine. It’s safe to say the overwhelming majority of women do! But, who can afford it, at least now? I can’t! <———-These are a little over a $1,000! God bless you if you can cop these. Ladies don't hate on those that can. But, we can still admire the CL's and get the same style for a little less. CL we will come back to you when the recession takes a back seat. Aldo has a few other similarly-styled “Show Stoppers” that are less than $100 and I think you could rock them to work, lower heel and a little more reserve, but still all the drama you could ask for in a heel—->! I always live close to the edge when dressing for work lol. I don’t push the envelope, but I like to add a little flavor to the workplace. Call it a conversation piece if you will! Ok, I’m off to go stop traffic with my pair…won’t you join me! That’s my Tuesday Tip! Au revoir!

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