This Week In Fashion: Chic Samira, A Chic Boutique!

Chic Samira formerly known as ONY is owned by Yvonne Rosa, stylist and make-up artist. She has started Champagne and Cupcakes Saturdays! I had the pleasure of visiting Yvonne again and enjoyed a Cupcake and some Strawberry Champagne last week as I browsed the racks. I had a great time with my cousin and the other ladies as we chit-chatted and shopped. Yvonne is great! I always love stopping by and checking out the new items. I suggest you get in on the fun and chicness of this store. This weekend Yvonne is offering 10% off merchandise in celebration of 4th of July! So, get out there and find that perfect look for your weekend outings!

I love the look and the feel of this boutique! You know I have to be comfortable and feel a particular vibe wherever I am. If I don’t feel that, then it’s not for me. Chic Samira is very sexy!

Tell Yvonne I sent you! It’s located in Park Slope, 449 7th Avenue, between 15th and 16th Streets (718) 369-0456.

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