This Week In Fashion…The September Issue!

Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour Pictures
The September Issue, by R.J. Cutler, debuts this Friday, August 28th in NY. You know what its all about, right? It’s the real Devil Wears Prada. It follows the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Mag, Anna Wintour as she prepares for the September issue and more. The September Issue is the largest issue of the season, the Fashion Bible its called by most. This year its only (lol) 584 pages of which I just browsed in 15minutes. I will tell you what I liked and loved in the next post. The 2008 issue was closer to 800 pages. I still have it! I can’t seem to throw away Vogue Mags. I never know when I will need it for my own designer inspiration!

Here are the theatres you should run to on Friday 🙂 Info courtesy of Fashion Week Daily!

AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13: 1998 Broadway
City Cinemas 1,2,3: 1001 3rd Avenue
AMC Empire 25: 234 West 42nd Street
CLEARVIEW Chelsea 9: 260 West 23rd Street
Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema: 143 East Houston Street

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Enjoy Fashionistas!

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