Keep It Sexy Simple

My KISS pick of the week is the book The Style Strategy: A Less Is More Approach To Staying Chic And Shopping Smart written by Nina Garcia. Nina and I met up last night for a discussion on being a Frugalista! Ok, we didn’t exactly meet up lol. She had a reading at Barnes and Nobles in Tribeca. She was dressed very chic in a Black Dress and Black Suede Gladiator Heels…loved it!

So, you should know who Nina Garcia is? If you don’t, I’ll give you about two minutes to google her and return to my article. Nina made some good points about being stylish at an affordable price. She stated “Style does not have to cost lots of money. You should not be paying $120 for a T-Shirt. A 100% cotton Tee does not cost that much. Try to accessorize what’s in your closet, take inventory to see what can be altered and recycled. I feel the best accessory for the Fall is the Belt!” I think Nina has been reading my blog posts 🙂

A few questions for Nina:

Designers to look out for?

N: I was on the 5th Floor in Saks looking at the new designers and was happy to see Christian Siriano. Very happy, watch out for him. Also, Dore and Erdem. (I will have to go to Saks to see Dore, can’t seem to find it online???)

What guiding principle should we use in defining your style?

N: Think of what piece you are wearing when you are the most happy and comfortable and that should define your style. Not sweats and sneakers….

You discuss in your book how your Mom had a huge influence on your style. What piece of her wardrobe did you covet the most?

N: Her Pearls! She wore a long strand of pearls and I always wanted them. My Mom always seemed to be very stylish. She was not a sample size, more of a size 12, very curvaceous. She knew how to make clothes work for her. I have a huge admiration for my Mom because of her style influence on me.

Awww, thanks Nina! Let’s give her a huge Fashionista Applause 🙂 Be sure to watch Project Runway Tonight!

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