Keep It Sexy Simple: Spa Week

SpaLadies it’s that time again…Spa Week In NYC!  This is my KISS pick for the week.  Who cares what you’re wearing if you are tense and your inner spirit is not relaxed.  We all deserve a massage every once in a while.  Ladies pamper yourselves! 

Spa Week allows you to get those expensive treatments at great discounted prices.  Some of the best Spas participate.  Spa2So, book your treatment today.  The deals start today and end October 18th!   I love Bunya Citi Spa in Soho and Maximus Spa/Salon in Long Island.  Just a few recommendations.  Click on the link to join and find out more about Spa Week! 

Pink ribbon

Spa Week Media Group donates a portion of the proceeds from Fall Spa Week to the CancerandCareers Group!  You know I like that!

Ok now go and Relax, Relate, Release…Wooosa 🙂

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