WTH Tiger…

Damn, Damn, Damn lol!  I’m so dramatic 🙂  I guess not even the squeaky clean ones can get it together.  “Had some transgressions…”  you damn right, I’m paraphrasing by the way.   I can’t understand why men cheat, well that’s a lie.  I understand, but before cheating you have a few options:

-Let the wife or girlfriend go…walk away from the situation. No?  Do you agree?

-Try and make the relationship more interesting…perhaps you (the man) is the one making the whole situation boring and tired!  

I’m just saying *wink*!

But, really I think it’s for him and his wife to figure out.  But, for PR purposes he may want to address the situation so the media and everyone can forget.  They will continue to chastise him until he does so.  Sad to say, the media is so mischievous!

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