What Should I Wear To A Football Game???

I am sooooo super duper excited that I’m going to a Giants Football game!!!  Yippy!  I am not being sarcastic.  This Fashionista loves football thanks to my big brother and this is his Christmas gift to me.  Awww, so sweet since all he’s getting this year is LOVE 😉  (refer to my last post).   

We are going to tailgate with some of his friends.  I never been tailgating before.  Can you tell I’m excited.  Oh my goodness I need a snuggie!!!!  Ok, calm down…so what do I wear?  Comfort and warm clothing right?!  No heels lol!  Ok, I’ll let you know how it goes.  Perhaps I’ll share a pic or two. 

Thanks big brother, love your baby sis!  Muah!  P.S. Giants can we win this game.  Thanks!

Picture Credit: AP

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