It’s My Perspective And I Dress As I Want To…

Just when I thought the men in NYC were doing something stylistic, Kanye says the opposite.  I thought that was ironic that he went on a rant about how bad the men were looking and basically they are clueless in navigating the fashion waters.  As I stated in my last article I have been quite impressed with men and their new found sense of style.  Either my standards are low (not at all) or Ye was just really on his snob that day?  Actually there is no correct answer.  Neither one of us is wrong, at least in my opinion.  Fashion is all about having your own take or perspective, if you will, on how you want to look.  You can love a person’s style or completely hate it.  Sometimes you walk down the street and you admire the man that put a unique spin on his ensemble. Another person will look at that same man and think to themselves, “Did he get dressed in the dark this morning…what was he thinking.”  

Just as it’s my party and I cry if I want to…it’s my perspective and I dress as I want to and so should you!  If by chance you decide to throw on, hmmmmmmm let’s say a sharkskin suit.  Bam, there it is!  Wear it, own it, not everyone will get it, however, sing it with me “It’s my perspective and I dress as I want to, dress as I want to, dress as I want to.”  You get where this is going.  So get your snob on and get your own perspective and begin to craft  your own personal style.   



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