I love all animals!  At the moment a bird is on my porch hatching its eggs.  I was there when it was making the nest and did not have the heart to evict it.  As I leave in the mornings it watches me and I watch it, so funny.  But, I can’t wait to see the baby birds.  It’s been two weeks now, oh the agony of the wait 🙂 My neighbors hated me when I would feed the stray cats.  But, I have a soft spot for them when they are crying for food. image So in remembrance of my favorite cat I bought this tee (also bought it for something I have always wanted to do, you will see soon).  I am really a dog person, but I love the felines as well.  They are smart, observant, they have a great sense of style in the way they move 🙂 I spotted this tee at a street fair!  SM Wardrobe is the label.  I spoke with one of the partners of the business and he told me they have a pop-up shop in Soho.  Find out more information hereLike them on Facebook, tell them I sent you 🙂 Posted from WordPress for Android


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