Diva Spotlight ~ Qristyl Frazier


The much-anticipated Spring Collection by Qristyl Frazier is here!! If you don’t know that name, you should and you definitely won’t forget it by the time you finish reading this article. The Diva Spotlight is on Ms. Qristyl Frazier (pictured to the left) designer extraordinaire. Qristyl, originally from St. Louis, is now established in New York and based right here in Brooklyn. You know I love that! She has been in the Fashion Industry for more than fifteen years and has created designs for many famous women, including Janet Jackson and Queen Latifah, to name a few. I had the pleasure of speaking with Qristyl and she is an absolute delight to talk with. I got the sense right away that she is passionate about her work, aims to please her customer base and she works very hard to maintain her successful business, wearing many hats on a daily basis. In 2008…

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