Drama: Social Media Activists Target Fashion Week

<a href="http://abcnews.go.com/m/story?id=19918430“>ABC News Article

So do you think we will see more black models this season? Well, that is what social media activists are asking. Let’s hope so or all hell will break loose via social media and the like. I feel like if designers don’t have a diverse group of models that represent me and the dollar I spend then there is no need for me to put your clothing on my back! That may be their attitude toward the situation as well. But, on the otherhand perhaps you need to force the hand of those wanting us to support them and provide them with profits yet time and time again only send one type of model down the runway.

Bethann Hardison, is leading the charge in this media campaign that launches next month during Fashion Week. She is a former model and agent, bent on shaming the designers that don’t include black models. I applaud her for bringing it to the forefront, race has always been a problem in fashion like in every industry, but you really see it smack in your face as model after model strut down the runway.

Like the article says let’s see who sticks there neck out and tweets about the lack thereof during the shows. People may not want to suffer the repercussions of throwing their favorite designer under the bus, especially if you were invited or are somehow indirectly employed by the designer. We shall see! Drama 🙂

Fashionably yours,
Danalee Francesca

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