Fashion Fridays: To Shorts or Not To Shorts?

Is the question?  I have always been scared of shorts, true story.  I am a curvier woman, so shorts can come off a little sexier than I may want.  But, I get so jealous when I see women strutting around carefree in their shorts.

Summer is almost over so get it in, or wear them in the Fall with some leggings, I feel like you can still rock that style. I am thinking the best type of shorts to get are looser fitting. Hear me out, fitted can look good depending on your body type however if you share my fear, then loose in the thigh area may be the way to go. But it has to be styled right, I don’t mean some baggy homely looking shorts, I mean nicely tailored to your body shape.

I’ll let you know if I take the plunge. I have to find a pair I can really fall in love with 🙂

These are some different ways to wear your shorts, with a longer sheer top, I like that style, cut off jeans with heels, a little looser for your bike ride, or very sexy and fitted for a night out.


Fashionably yours,
Danalee Francesca

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