Brooklyn Fashion Incubator @ Pratt Institute

So, here is one more suggestion to add to the list I gave you in Sunday’s post. I gave designers a list of places they should research for production of their fashion lines at a low cost and within the States. I just read in the Wall Street Journal that Pratt will be opening a Fashion Incubator early next year.  More and more entrepreneurs are coming to Brooklyn.  Go BK!  This is truly the place to be. 

Low-cost rents that will provide mentoring and production space will range from $300 to $1500.  The space will live and breathe creativity and provide the best technology, such as:

-Laser Cutters
-3D Printers
-Sub-dye Printers
-Organic Dye Stations

How great is that!! Go Pratt!

Fashionably On Time,
Danalee Francesca

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