Embrace Your Fabulous

You ever feel condemned for who you are, what you wear, how you wear your hair, how high you keep your head up etc.?  Do people make assumptions about what you are about?  Ever feel attacked for no apparent reason, meant to feel shut out?  Ever feel like you are in a competition you never even signed up for?

Listen up ladies and gents, if you answered yes to one or more of the above than welcome to life.  Well, it’s a portion of what goes on in life.  You can do one of two things: give in to the attacks or embrace your fabulous!  I choose and will always embrace my fabulous that encompasses a lot of good, a little bad *wink*, smart, sexy, sarcastic, fiesty, strong, creative, I could keep going, but you get it, everything!  I encourage you to always do the same.  Don’t bother explaining who you are to others, if they don’t get it they don’t get it.  By all means give others the same courtesy, if I don’t understand your fabulousity then it’s not for me to understand, doesn’t make you or me any less fab.  We just don’t mesh or perhaps they never took the time to understand who and what you are, that’s called making unfounded judgments. All the laughing you may hear when you walk by, the snide remarks, the undercuts, don’t mean a thing. Some of those same people would cower if the tables were turned. So, hold your head up high, laugh with them too, why not.

I always say if no one is saying a thing about you, you aren’t doing much. And if they spend all their valuable time minding your business, you know for a fact they aren’t doing much for themselves. If that last line pertains to you or people you know then tell them *subliminally* to “get your life, study your own Fabulous, stop watching mine.”

Embrace Your Fabulous, the good, the bad, the ugly, make no apologies ladies!

Fabulously yours,
~Danalee Francesca

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