I Spy Pink

Drama in my world today, could it be because of Friday the 13th (cue spooky music). Let’s lighten up the mood with a discussion about Pink. Not the artist, although I did see her perform her behind off last week. Take a look 🙂

Pretty in Pink, I was told today. I Spy a few people wearing pink.  Not my favorite color, but I will try anything once, in the realm of fashion that is.

I woke up this morn, “without” a spring in my step and I reached for my pink sweater and a pair of what I call peachy pink pants I bought from Just Fab over a year ago.  I put these pants on several times but never liked the look, so never wore them.  I needed something bright, not requiring an iron and easy for what I had to get done this morning.  I admit the two  are of different shades of pink but it works in my eyes.  Balance it all out with a brown boot and in the words of Elephant man you are good to go.  What’s my motto?  Say it with me, keep it sexy and simple!

Let’s take a look at some Pink looks to warm up your look, check out these sites ladies Modcloth, My Wardrobe, Lulus



Men, check out Mr. Porter for these great pink finds:


How hot are these, what!! The price is hot also 🙂


Pinky aka Danalee Francesca

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