Are you one?  LeAnn Rimes apparently is. Spitfire is the title of her new album, and she lays it all out emotionally in this album. You and I both know the story about her, Eddie and Brandi, so no need to gossip. Besides all that drama, LeAnn is known for speaking her mind in the true sense of a spitfire. I always liked the connotation of the word.  Not exactly sure I like Webster’s definition. I define it as a woman that doesn’t take crap from anyone, she basically says KMFA all day everyday, only when nonesense attempts to come her way, of course. 

I had a few spitfire moments lately.  People won’t always come to your rescue or even agree when you fight back against verbal attacks, you have to know how to stand up for yourself. When people test your metal make sure you Spit Fire, with a smile of course 🙂 Deepak has an even nicer solution!

Happy Friday,
Danalee Francesca

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