Wangechi Mutu A Fantastic Journey at The Brooklyn Museum

What better place to have a meeting but at the Museum, great place to cultivate new ideas, get the creative juices flowing and break away from the norm.  I have a particular love affair with this building, it’s simply beautiful inside and out. When I was younger my parents would take me to the Brooklyn Museum, the Botanic Gardens and the library all in walking distance from each other.

After getting my creativity level on high, I took in a few exhibits.  First stop, the Wangechi Mutu installation.  You must go and take it in for yourself. Words can’t describe the creativity and intricacy you see when looking at her work.  The way in which she uses fragments of pictures to create a collage of women, each expressing a different emotion, all with an inherent strength, is rather unique. She turns gross, body parts, animal yet human-like objects into several eye-catching pieces in a magnificent way.    The installation touches on our political, fashionable, racial, gender, sexual, gluttonous, sympathetic yet privileged society. This Kenyan born artist started her fantastic journey in the 1990s and continues to fascinate. My favorite pieces are the Roots of All Eves, People in Glass Towers Should Not Imagine Us, Eat Cake, The End of Eating Everything and Amazing Grace.




You have till March to experience the exhibit first-hand. Tell me what you think?

Fashionably yours,
Danalee Francesca

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