Happy Independence Day


Hanging out at Nevins. One of my favorite train stations, it's clean 🙂

I remembered a former colleague once said to me that she would say to herself in the morning WWDW "What Would Danalee Wear."  Did I mention this before in another post, hope I am not telling that story again.  Anyway, I still think it is hilarious and flattered she would say that, let alone even think about me when she was getting dressed for work.  I never know what I am going to put on in the morning either.  The mood has to strike me. If I feel serious, whimsy, edgy, feisty, flirty, happy, pissed off, or a combination of all, then I know what I will throw on.

This morning I was feeling happy and flirty with a sprinkle of exhaustion!  What better way to express those feelings by smothering myself in pink.

Outfit check, matching yet mismatched casual holiday frock. It’s hot and truth be told I can’t put on a suit and be all lawyered up all the time.  In my world (Danalee’s world that is, come visit sometime) I think it’s just fine to throw on a summer dress and a sweater for the office.  Of course, since it’s a holiday weekend you may get away with a more relaxed look at the office. My sweater is a little see-through, ok a lot see-through.   However it’s not any ole sweater. The crochet pattern gives it a heightened flair, no?  I think so!

So, if you are having one of those no pencil skirt, no buttoned-down shirt and no heels kind of day try out this simple approach. You won’t regret it…

Cheers, to being Independent!  Be safe this weekend.

Oh and remember to keep it simple during the summer with your wardrobe, wherever your office may be. But, for my lawyers don’t wear this to court 🙂

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Posted from WordPress for Android

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