Summerize Your Winter Gear

I shop for dresses that serve a multi-purpose, making it work for me and not the other way around.  Having options is the ultimate time and money saver. So how do you do that on a budget? Shop accordingly, make the right choices to get more out of your outfits.   For example, this red Calvin Klein dress does a double-take.  It makes a debut for the fall, paired with boots tights and a jacket:


I am always near a train station it seems!

Then it makes a second appearance, with a hair change and peep-toe heels:


Apparently, I love train stations 🙂

Shop with a purpose, if your goal is to have the basics in your closet before moving to trends then start with that and see how you can use the basic black, red dress in different situations summer/winter, business/pleasure. Play around with it throwing on accessories or a jacket to change the look up to serve the particular purpose. Stretch your dollars by getting more out of that one outfit.
Cheers to getting two for one…

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