Good Deeds Wednesday

While I was on vacation, I was reading my friends book, The Secret~Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne.  Some how it made it’s way home with me
🙂  I like to read devotionals, it puts life in perspective when on a daily basis you hear about so much violence, sickness and injustice.  With the recent story of the teen being killed by the police, planes being shot down, ongoing fighting and killing in the Middle East, sickness in Africa, people committing suicide, and on top of all that we then have to deal with our own reality.  So I read these devotionals to know that life is more than us against them, me against you, you against me.  It seems that’s what every fight or violent act is about, someone else trying to get over on the next person.  For what?  I don’t have the answer.

I have been skipping around in the book and this morning I found this, Good Deeds Wednesday…


What's your good deed?

In the midst of chaos this week, perhaps today we can do something to diminish the acts of hate by doing something good for someone else, anything! 

Cheers to making it to the middle of the week!

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