Viola Davis In Attorney Role


Can’t wait to get addicted to this show, How To Get Away With Murder. Read more about how Viola felt about getting this leading role in the NPR article below. 

I was moved by what she said, so truthful “There is no way in the history of film or TV that you’ve seen a character like this played by a black woman who looks like me…Not even Kerry Washington or Halle Berry [looks like me]. I’m talking about a black woman who looks like me — a dark-skinned black woman with the nose, the age, in every way like me,” and Shonda Rhimes has brought her front and center.  I love it!  I can definitely relate to what she is saying, being a dark skin beauty myself and being told at a young age “You’re Beautiful for a Dark Skin Girl.”  Ha, even then I knew how to brush statements like that off and walk with my head even higher!

Viola Davis Gets Groundbreaking Role As ABC Bets On Diversity

Cheers to Viola changing the complexity and the complexion of what is seen as beauty!

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