Normcore | New Trend & Sneaker Con

I actually never heard of this term “Normcore” till I read this Stylecaster article Now I can put a name on how I have been feeling. For some odd reason I have been feeling like rocking sneakers, a dress or jogging pants and a dress coat. I wasn’t sure if I was going through some sort of meltdown because I always want to slide on heels and look fancied out. But, last few weeks I have been tired so whenever I had a chance I threw on my sneakers, yikes! Now I know I am just going through a Normcore stage of life. If you are a sneaker head check out Sneaker Con at Jacob Javitis Center on December 6th. I may have to attend as well and satisfy this new addiction I have to OMG sneakers!

Normcore isn’t all that new, but it’s being accepted as a fashionable way to dress and yes as Stylecaster has pointed out fashion companies are capitalizing on the “trend.” You think Anna Wintour Normcore’s???

Looky here, this is how I Normcore, evening Church flow few weeks back. How do you Normcore?


Cheers to the weekend!

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