Dancing to Beyoncé – 7/11 & Admiring Kim K. Assets

Watched vid yesterday and was dying laughing.  It tickled me to see Bey so free!  Refreshing almost.  What’s the song about, ladies night, drunken night, message to her haters that no matter what she does she is fresh?  Probably all that and more.  Either way take it for what it is, dance don’t dance.

On the flip side, Kim K popped in my head.  Yes, she is a friend in my head as Wendy would say.  This was a lengthy discussion amongst friends that left a couple with their panties in a bunch because I didn’t see the big deal over her full frontal pictures.  I believe everyone has a talent, some talents are very well-defined others obscure.  I back away from calling another woman a whore just because she chooses and has made a business out of using what God has blessed her with.  Same I wouldn’t call Bey’s video ridiculous because it veered off from her norm, actually not really just less formal, less fanfare.  I think we all reach the point in life where you want to feel free.  Free might be posing completely nude, free might be doing isolated butt cheek movements in your bathroom, lol did you see that.  Either way take things in it’s context, don’t be so judgmental.  It’s entertainment, it’s a business, it’s freedom of expression. Both should have business classes at Carvard & Kale (get it) to teach how you brand yourself and build a business from well-defined and obscure talents, seriously!  I would take the class, because hot-damn no matter the theories behind their success, they have managed to build empires out of their individual talents (however you define a talent). Either way hate it or love it, their lives go on. What are you doing with your talents?

What’s your talent, how are you developing it, do you have the balls to share your talent like these women?  Just asking….

Cheers to Freedom Saturdays and seeing things from the flip side!

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