#FashionFridays Misfit #Women On The Go


We do it all. Make a smoothie, pack a lunch for ourselves the kids the husband, pour some power steering fluid in the car, then off to work. And we keep it moving! Women!

Women on the go know that sometimes things are just Black & White. Some of us are simply Misfits. I call myself a misfit because I have never really fit in the way people may think.  I have come to love my corkiness, and am not afraid to be a misfit, but fitting in with the trend because I know it’s God’s plan.

We Women don’t and can’t find time to find the meaning behind whatever “it” is that may be going on around us.  Through the chaos, fighting, world instability, love, joy or unkindness I take it for what it is, misfittings and all.  My week was all Black & White, from my attire to my attitude.  Not in between, whatever was dealt to me I dealt with it head on.  Not trying to figure it all out when I have my own to hash out. Women, we deal accordingly and with a hightened intuition.  I no longer ignore it, nor should you.

How was your week?  Did you deal with your life in a straight-forward manner even though you were served shades of grey?  Did you embrace your uniqueness?


Sometimes you have to pop the hood and take charge. My Daddy taught me to look under the hood of my car and figure stuff out, because you never know when you may be the one to have to fix a minor problem.


Wait! Let me slide this lipstick on, ok leggo!


Happy Friday! Praying for the train to arrive.


Started my Monday with Black & White, with a bold splash of orange. Crop top at work, yes you can. But you better layer up that bad boy in the office 🙂

Cheers to just doing it and not being afraid to be a misfit!

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