#MondayMotivation Congresswoman Maxine Waters

My Monday Motivation is this woman right here #AuntyMaxine!  Get in formation for the month of May ladies…& for the rest of your life. When you think you have too much to do & not enough time think about Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  

Always step forward & know you are always moving in the right direction!  


Danalee Francesca

#FashionFridays #WomenWhoCrushIt


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Are you crushing it?  Are you a woman that does it all, takes care of your family, work and everything in between?  Then you are crushing it!  I gathered with a great group of women who are crushing it and received great tools of wisdom to add to my life and career journey.


The speakers were phenomenal, Jodie Patterson, Kelly Lynn Adams & Lola Ogunnaike.  The focus of the discussion was following your passion.
Lola talked about wanting to be a journalist, although it was not necesarily the path her parents wanted.  But, she went for it and it has paid off. 

Kelly spent 10 years in corporate finance. Her mission is to help women and their businesses realize they can be and do anything. She also made an important point about our health. Stating that women have to keep their bodies in mind when we are busy doing it all, so often we run down ourselves. Our bodies and mind must come first.

Jodie discussed shifting careers, reinvention.  Her father opened up first black brokerage firm on Wall Street so naturally she was a entrepreneur.   She followed the things that were of interest to her, from music to being an acrobat in the big apple circus.  She stated that you must push through tge fear.  Her advice was to step back and look, sit back and watch form an opinion use your intuition as a women to find your path.

The women gave three points of advice to use in life and your career:
-Networking, after five networking in NY  is a must “mind your life” find what moves you in your particular area of interest and hone in on that.

-Follow-up, so the work that comes after making that connection

-Women have a great way of going after there passion, but if should be about “Progress not perfection”

-Keep your body in mind, health is key

-Be aggressive, often we don’t want to be perceived as over bearung, but find a way to have your voice heard, ask for what you want

-Form partnerships

-Find what makes you happy touch them everyday, your happiness is very important

Best question of the evening was,
how do you deal with mean girls? Because Lord knows, they exist.  They don’t stop when they grow up, they continue.  The ladies had this to say: Actively disengage with those women, be cordial but don’t engage.  If the mean girl is your boss sometimes you have to  stup to conquer, be the grasshopper.  Surround yourself with like-minded people where you work, in your life and move away from the mean girls.   Sometimes you have to ride out the situation you are in, you will not always be on top all the time.

“Have to get comfortable with failure, marshal that failure…helps you get stronger!”  Great advice! Thank you to Marisa King-Redwood & Tani Chambers for orchestrating such a great event!

Cheers to all the Women Who Crush It!!

#BlackGirlsRock Recap Inspiration Wednesdays


Did you watch Black Girls Rock! Awesome Sauce, it was empowering!

Read more about these extradordinary women and the M.A.D. girls honored by First Lady Michelle. Be sure to support this Fabulous organization!


Dr. Helene D. Gayle & Principal Nadia Lopez


Actress Jada Pinkett Smith & Singer Erykah Badu


Actress Cicely Tyson & Director Ava Duvernay



My little rant about all the chit-chat regarding Flotus attending Black Girls Rock!


Cheers to not letting anyone demean or degrade you! You are great!

Inspiration Wednesday~Student of St. Lucian parentage inspires HONY to launch campaign for school

Go Vidal!  Yes, you do matter!  We all can use some inspiration and motivation after the snowstorm. Is there a person on this planet that has not heard of Humans of New York, created by Brandon Stanton.  He recently asked Vidal Chastanet who has influenced him the most and he responded his principal, Ms. Lopez. His reason, “…because she tells us that we matter.”  Inspired by Vidal’s response he launched a campaign that will enable the kids from Vidal’s school, Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brownsville Brooklyn, to go on class trips to Harvard University. 

I can understand why Brandon was so moved by Vidal’s response.  It’s great when you know you matter to someone.  That your life, your very existence is appreciated and you are loved.    Read more about Vidal and HONY if you’d like to participate in The Vidal Fund. The campaign has now raised over $800,000, well beyond the $100,000 goal. Cheers to Mott Hall Bridges Academy, Brandon Stanton, and most especially Vidal who inspired this campaign because he was inspired.

Continue the cycle of inspiring one another!

Known To Walk Alone For A Reason


Minding my business, as usual!  Of course trouble comes to you.  Listen carefully, as I sing this line ” I’m known to walk alone, but I’m alone for a reason.  Sending me a drink ain’t appeasing believe me.”

Love that line from the Beyonce song. Just because you walk alone, doesn’t mean you are lonely. I walk to a beat of an entirely different drum. If people don’t get it, then it means that it is way pass their pay grade. There’s no upgrading in that situation! Sometimes the ones walking in crowds are the loneliest.

You have to love the skin you are in before you can walk with others!


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Surround Yourself With Positivity


It's all about the animal prints and mixing the textures! Try it out, be bold be tenacious. Why not make a statement, you only go around this rodeo once 🙂

Every time I celebrate a birthday, I do a state of the union of my life (lol’ing at that).  It’s true you have to assess your “Union” otherwise known as your life.  Which led me to think about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive movements and vibes.  Whether it be people, things or places make a conscious effort to assess your situation and do away with the negativity.  It’s not about doing what’s popular.  It’s about doing what’s right for you. If negativity persists in finding you, like a moth to a flame, then perhaps you should try to follow your instincts more times then not. So that later on you are not kicking yourself about the negativity you let into your space when your “initial instinct” was to keep it out (see how that works :).

“Be more splendid.  Be more extraordinary.  Use every moment to fill yourself up” says Oprah!  Fill yourself up with the positive side of life.  Be a light unto yourself, so that you attract the best and filter out the rest.

This message has been brought to you from the good folks here at DanaleeFrancesca.com 🙂


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