#Dresses Make A #Fall Appearance


Love this beautiful door! Transitioned this baby into a Fall look, with this great shawl, a pair of opaque tights & classic suede heels!


The summer look, same dress!

The same way one door may close another one is sure to open, it’s the same way your clothes work for you.  You have options!  Make them work for you by transitioning them into multiple seasons and remember to accessorize to keep the look fresh!

Cheers to opening better doors!  Speaking of new doors, be sure to check out my fabulous finds  The Danalee Francesca Boutique

#Spring #Florals, So Chic


Happy Easter! This is an oldie but goodie. Have had this coat for years. You get longevity out of statement pieces. I never get tired of it.


I wasn't ready to put my legs out, so I paired this look with grey tights, looks darker in the pic. But, it worked for me. Try something different, even if it may seem like it wouldn't work. You never know till you try!

Happy Easter my bunnies!  Florals, bright & bold are in…at least for me they are.  Try it out, let me know how you style it!

Cheers to Jesus & New Beginnings!

Fashion Fridays: #Spring Has Sprung With MSC Treasures #AfricanFashion

Good Morning & Happy Friday. At 6:46 pm, my fashion lovers, it will be officially Spring.  It’s not feeling very Sping outside today on the very first day of the new Season.  But, a girl can still dream of warmer weather.  Possibly tomorrow she will be in her full glory and will bless us with a delightful sunny day.  Till then here is a bit of wardrobe inspiration.   I picked up this dress from MSC Treasures at the Afri-Pop shopping event a few weeks back.  Some background on MSC Treasures:

“With two out of three sisters loving everything about fashion, the youngest sister was left to shop in their closets. The sisters have always had an opportunity to mix something African with something Western, creating unique styles that many wanted. As a result MSC (My Sister’s Closet) was created. The sisters consider themselves curators of all things beautiful from Tanzania and East Africa. They seek to showcase and welcome the hidden talents and treasures of other Tanzanian and East African Designers…Offering quality designs and products made in Tanzania by Tanzanians. They also create employment opportunities for Tanzanians, which not only allows them to earn a living wage, but improves their standards of living. Msc Treasures equals Fashion with an impact.”   Bio MSC Treasures

I always raided my Mom’s closet, so I can relate. But wished I had sisters too, so I am a little jealous. I love this dress because of the bold patterns and the layering. I wore it to an event a couple weeks ago when the temperature hit 60.  I winterized it a bit with a black jacket and black tights, appropriate for work and keeping with the season.  Here I am wearing it with some high fun heels, free from the other winter accoutrements.

Stuntin, ha!


Winterized...the Caterpillar turning into the Spring Butterfly!

Giving a little leg side pose...

Dress, MSC Treasures Shoes, Just Fab paired with gold accents...Voilá, you got an outfit!

Make your closet work for you (or your sister’s closet), by wearing your clothes in a variety of ways to fit any season.  This way you save your coins.  Spring into action…

Cheers to Spring & Friday!

#Spring Mix Happy St. Patrick’s

My evening Green Edition in honor of St. Patrick’s Day!  Spring is coming and why not throw a little green in the mix, along with turquoise and shades of blue.  I mixed up this look with a green dress, baby blue jacket with great embroidery detailing, turquiose ankle boots, and for fun a black & silver dangling chain!

Wet & Wild Megablast Fuschia...Kiss Me I'm Irish

Dress from TJ Max, Jacket from a Sample Sale, Boots are from Just Fab!


Just a little light reading...Licensing Contracts, yikes!!

Spring is a few days away...


Love these boots, so chic!

Happy St. Patty’s Day my little leprechauns!


Fashion Fridays: All Black Everything #Fashion #Fridaythe13th

When in doubt, my Mama always said wear Black.  It’s the Jules Style of dressing. Don’t overthink, keep it simple. You can’t go wrong!  Forget your Friday the 13th superstitions.  Here’s some inspiration:


Tina did it first in 1979, then Beyonce at the Super Bowl. Fierce! Not for the traditional office, but gives you a sense of strength. I am Woman hear me roar! PC: Vintage Black Glamour


This might work a little better for the office. Jacket on for the office. Jacket off for an evening of Friday fun!

Dress Cynthia Rowley, Shoes Max Studio, Jacket I found at a Sample Sale…Keep It Sexy Simple!


Normcore | New Trend & Sneaker Con

I actually never heard of this term “Normcore” till I read this Stylecaster article Now I can put a name on how I have been feeling. For some odd reason I have been feeling like rocking sneakers, a dress or jogging pants and a dress coat. I wasn’t sure if I was going through some sort of meltdown because I always want to slide on heels and look fancied out. But, last few weeks I have been tired so whenever I had a chance I threw on my sneakers, yikes! Now I know I am just going through a Normcore stage of life. If you are a sneaker head check out Sneaker Con at Jacob Javitis Center on December 6th. I may have to attend as well and satisfy this new addiction I have to OMG sneakers!

Normcore isn’t all that new, but it’s being accepted as a fashionable way to dress and yes as Stylecaster has pointed out fashion companies are capitalizing on the “trend.” You think Anna Wintour Normcore’s???

Looky here, this is how I Normcore, evening Church flow few weeks back. How do you Normcore?


Cheers to the weekend!

Summerize Your Winter Gear

I shop for dresses that serve a multi-purpose, making it work for me and not the other way around.  Having options is the ultimate time and money saver. So how do you do that on a budget? Shop accordingly, make the right choices to get more out of your outfits.   For example, this red Calvin Klein dress does a double-take.  It makes a debut for the fall, paired with boots tights and a jacket:


I am always near a train station it seems!

Then it makes a second appearance, with a hair change and peep-toe heels:


Apparently, I love train stations 🙂

Shop with a purpose, if your goal is to have the basics in your closet before moving to trends then start with that and see how you can use the basic black, red dress in different situations summer/winter, business/pleasure. Play around with it throwing on accessories or a jacket to change the look up to serve the particular purpose. Stretch your dollars by getting more out of that one outfit.
Cheers to getting two for one…

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Eataly Ciao Bella


Weekend wear, short navajo print skirt with black tank and leather jacket with snakeskin gladiators.


Happy 🙂


My friend's boots are HOT! She bought them in Paris, of course. You can rock boots in the summer. Why not! On a cool day with the right attire, it can be done. She pulled it off, using a summer palette of cream tones.

Have you been to Eataly yet?  You should not only go to this 50,000 square foot mega market and frolic through the open area, make it your business to visit the actual country.  Both are beautiful!

The summer is all about the rooftop gatherings. The other night I had the pleasure of dining at Birreria, Eataly’s rooftop restaurant. I enjoyed the atmosphere, food and wine.  If you are a beer connoisseur, this is also the place for you. You have the Flatiron Building and the endless sky in the backdrop as you dine. What can beat that on a nice summer day.

I have to tell you my lamb chops were succulent and seasoned to perfection! After dinner we had to take a stroll through the market and visit the dessert section. The Venchi Italian Chocolates, superb. This place is to die for, you must go!





Arrivedurchi 🙂

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Black & White Mondays


I needed a great cup of coffee! I tried the Starbucks Reserve, Exotic Rare & Exquisite Brazilian blend, in honor of the World Cup. I tried it and loved it. I'm awake now 🙂

I spy lots of black & white today.  We all seemed to be on the same page with the color scheme.  I woke up this morning, not very peppy and needed something simple, no ironing required.  And there you have it a mixture of patterns, a floral dress paired with a black & white checkered suit jacket and pink heel. Don’t be afraid to mix your patterns you never know what’s going to work together! 

Remember not everything in life is just Black & White! 

Cheers to Monday…

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