Fashion Fridays: #Spring Has Sprung With MSC Treasures #AfricanFashion

Good Morning & Happy Friday. At 6:46 pm, my fashion lovers, it will be officially Spring.  It’s not feeling very Sping outside today on the very first day of the new Season.  But, a girl can still dream of warmer weather.  Possibly tomorrow she will be in her full glory and will bless us with a delightful sunny day.  Till then here is a bit of wardrobe inspiration.   I picked up this dress from MSC Treasures at the Afri-Pop shopping event a few weeks back.  Some background on MSC Treasures:

“With two out of three sisters loving everything about fashion, the youngest sister was left to shop in their closets. The sisters have always had an opportunity to mix something African with something Western, creating unique styles that many wanted. As a result MSC (My Sister’s Closet) was created. The sisters consider themselves curators of all things beautiful from Tanzania and East Africa. They seek to showcase and welcome the hidden talents and treasures of other Tanzanian and East African Designers…Offering quality designs and products made in Tanzania by Tanzanians. They also create employment opportunities for Tanzanians, which not only allows them to earn a living wage, but improves their standards of living. Msc Treasures equals Fashion with an impact.”   Bio MSC Treasures

I always raided my Mom’s closet, so I can relate. But wished I had sisters too, so I am a little jealous. I love this dress because of the bold patterns and the layering. I wore it to an event a couple weeks ago when the temperature hit 60.  I winterized it a bit with a black jacket and black tights, appropriate for work and keeping with the season.  Here I am wearing it with some high fun heels, free from the other winter accoutrements.

Stuntin, ha!


Winterized...the Caterpillar turning into the Spring Butterfly!

Giving a little leg side pose...

Dress, MSC Treasures Shoes, Just Fab paired with gold accents...Voilá, you got an outfit!

Make your closet work for you (or your sister’s closet), by wearing your clothes in a variety of ways to fit any season.  This way you save your coins.  Spring into action…

Cheers to Spring & Friday!

Missing #MilanFashionWeek?: Monday Fashion Fix African Apparel

If you were unable to get away to Milan for Fashion Week, let me satisfy your Fashion palette with some vibrance right here in New York. Afri-Pop Shop was a great Saturday hang and managed to satisfy my fashion hunger. I had a “just throw it in the bag” moment when I saw a few items I wanted but stayed in my lane. Baby’s got a budget :-), so should you. I will share with you my Spring pick in the next episode, for now check out the array of colors and designs by these creative souls. Go on their sites and support the artistry. Check out I-CAF for future pop-up shops and other events.


Get your handmade shoes and handbags from Kain Fri (Cane Free). Check them out


I am in love with candles. Always have one burning. If you are like me then try Cecret Candles & Accessories home made soy lotion candles. Check them out



DPiper Twins, They are Gorgeous and so are their collections! Check them out


Stephanie Atieno’s collection, great pieces to spice up your work week & your after work life! Check her out


Musical inspiration came from Jennah Bell. Lovely voice, soothing…

Happy Monday!