#MondayMotivation Congresswoman Maxine Waters

My Monday Motivation is this woman right here #AuntyMaxine!  Get in formation for the month of May ladies…& for the rest of your life. When you think you have too much to do & not enough time think about Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  

Always step forward & know you are always moving in the right direction!  


Danalee Francesca

I Pray For The People Of Haiti

My prayers go out to the people of Haiti.¬† I pray for my friends and their families during this devastating time.¬† Be sure to aid¬†the people of Haiti!¬† The American Red Cross Pledges Initial $1 Million to Haiti Relief.¬† You too can help send a $10 Donation by Texting ‚ÄėHaiti‚Äô to 90999.¬† ¬†You can¬†also call 1-800-REDCROSS or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish).

Who Knew…

That Tiger could be sexy!¬† Never saw him in that light.¬† But, all of a sudden he is a bad ass!¬† Ok, devil’s advocate for a minute…could all of this be a publicity stunt to change his reputation???¬† Crazy thought, huh!¬† But, everything seems to be happening all at the right time.¬†¬†¬†Being bombarded with the constant¬†Tiger news has driven me to random thoughts lol!

What Should I Wear To A Football Game???

I am sooooo¬†super duper¬†excited that I’m going to a Giants Football game!!!¬† Yippy!¬† I am not being sarcastic.¬† This Fashionista loves football thanks to my big brother and this is his Christmas gift to me.¬† Awww, so sweet since all he’s getting this year is LOVE ūüėȬ† (refer to my last post).¬†¬†¬†

We are going to tailgate with some of his friends.¬† I never been tailgating before.¬† Can you tell I’m excited.¬† Oh my goodness I need a snuggie!!!!¬† Ok, calm down…so what do I wear? ¬†Comfort and warm clothing right?!¬† No heels lol!¬† Ok, I’ll let you know how it goes.¬† Perhaps I’ll share a pic or two.¬†

Thanks big brother, love your baby sis!  Muah!  P.S. Giants can we win this game.  Thanks!

Picture Credit: AP

Oh my goodness…

I have not posted in a couple of weeks!¬† Craziness!¬† Such is life.¬† So, many different things to tend to with the Holiday Season and just life in general.¬† Hope all has been well with you!¬† All is well with me, sorry no juicy details for you. ūüôā So, I have a few tips for this Holiday Season that you can take into this New Year:

1)¬† If you haven’t already done so, don’t go crazy with the last-minute shopping.¬† Not worth it!¬† It drives¬†a person insane and for what.¬† Stay calm, in all seriousness, the best gift is LOVE!¬† That’s what everyone will be getting this year, so you better like it lol!¬† Or should I say LOVE IT!

2)¬† Don’t make any resolutions.¬† You’ll most likely break them.¬† Just be decisive in your actions with each individual situation that arises.¬† Take it as you¬†go.¬†¬†

3) Oh, I said this on my fanpage already, but its worth repeating: Patience, Preparation and Persistence are the key components¬†to staying in this journey of life.¬† If you’re lacking in one of these areas then you know what you need to tackle.¬† What are you waiting for…hop to it!

4) Make every moment count!¬† Even when you don’t want to.¬† Stay present, don’t continue to live in the past nor live for the future, how about living in the present and now.¬† I know it’s hard right, but doable!

Ok, well that wraps up my Sunday Fashionista Bible Class!¬† Hope you enjoyed today’s sermon…we shall reconvene next week Sunday lol!¬†