#FashionFridays Health is Your Wealth

I am a PSA! Work out in our crop top. Click the pic to shop the tee @ http://www.DanaleeFrancescaBoutique.com

We place lots of value in obtaining & gaining things in life (success, money, vacations etc).  Nothing wrong with achieving such goals.  However, to maintain all the material pleasures of life you must have the basic & most important essentials, starting with your health.  Don’t forget that ladies & gents!  Be good to yourself! 

Cheers to your health, 

Danalee Francesca


Because it’s fashionable to have a handle on your finances.  This article had me dying because it is not only hilarious it’s true.  I am going to back away from my Financier coffee & my fancy water 😳 for a moment.  How about you, what can you stop doing to save toward what really matters.  Let’s get in Finance & Fitness Formation ladies, self-improvement are always in style! 

Cheers to life,

Danalee Francesca

#WCW Met Gala Favorites

Happy Wednesday Friends!  Serena looked divine, she is glowing!  Happy Early Mother’s Day to her.  Yes LaLa, let him know he f&$?! up, child.  Rihanna brought it with the out of this world Ruffle artsy look, that’s what I call it.  Not partial to the shoe choice, it still works.   

Keep rising ladies!

Be Beautiful, Be You…


Danalee Francesca