Faith Walk Monday’s

Welcome Beautiful November 😘 Join us on our continued Faith Walk through life & get into our newest sweatshirt. A portion of the proceeds will always go to one of the organizations we support in the the fight against cancer. Wear it not only in October, but through the sweater-weather season for your workouts, travel & more!

Cheers to Monday & your Health Ladies,

Danalee Francesca 💋

Sunday Best

What does your Sunday look like?  A quick workout, laundry, Church, brunch, time spent with family and friends, work?  Whatever it looks like, make it your best to set you up for a fabulous week ahead.  Come on, get moving!

While you are at it you can wear one of our very best looks for your Sunday outings. Perhaps  a crop top, sweatshirt or dress!  Why not, try one out.

Cheers to November & a great week ahead,

Danalee Francesca 💋

Summer Is Never Over…

Happy Labor Day friends! Summer is never over as long as there is warm weather and a beach somewhere on your vacation calendar!

Shop our NEW looks for your next adventure!

Are you a Reggae Lover?
Are you a Soca Lover?
Love More ❤️

You are a Bèl Fanm, Ou Konprann!

It’s Carnival Time… J’ouvert!

The Original PSA Crop Top

Racer Back PSA Tee

Full PSA Tee

Cheers to life friends,

Danalee Francesca 💋

Vacation Dress

We all have different levels of comfort, for some shorts are your go to for summer travel for others it’s a dress. Whatever your go to may be, why not try one of our looks for your new adventure.

What I wore…

To the Spanish Steps, Shop The Creole Dress

Summer Florals on The Amalfi Coast, Shop The Floral Maxi Dress

Hey Venice 😘

Cheers to life,

Danalee Francesca 😘

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Summer Florals

Happy Summer friends! Finally, we are having great weather. What’s better than summer, the summer outfit of course. I love a great Maxi dress, worn with flats on a summer day. So I created the French Riviera floral dress. Of course it’s named after my new favorite place.

Take us on your next travel adventure! Shop the look!


To Church! Throwback to after Church Easter shenanigans. I don’t know about you but I always need a word from God, no matter where I am. Wherever your faith leads you, run to it, hold on to it. No matter what’s going on have joy in your heart!

Another car chronicles episode…

Cheers to staying grounded,

Danalee Francesca 🥂💋

P.S. Shop the look!

Go #Green for #Spring

Last Saturday’s shenanigans for St. Patrick’s Day. Shop the look at The Danalee Francesca Boutique! The matching Wrap It Up Dress & the Queen Headwrap are still available!

I call this the car chronicles, because all life’s problems can be solved by sitting in your car 🙋🏽.

Cheers to Saturday’s & to you!

Danalee Francesca 💋

Celebrating St. Lucia’s Independence

Happy 39th Anniversary! Repping in my Helen of the West Panel Skirt, which symbolizes the colors of the flag.

The blue signifies the sky and the sea, the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, which surround the country. The black and white symbolize the races. The yellow symbolises the sunshine and prosperity. The triangles represent the Pitons which are twin volcanic cones in the southwest part of the island & unity. Gros Piton and Petit Piton are a national symbol of Saint Lucia.

Cheers to you! Continued peace & harmony for this beautiful place my family is from😘

Danalee Francesca 💋

P.S. Feel free to Shop The Look!