Keep The Faith

We celebrated a very unusual Easter this past weekend. I pray you enjoyed it and appreciated the time spent with family and friends physically and/or virtually . In the midst of our new normal I keep my faith and hope you do as well.

Me wearing my headwrap and face covering for safety. Stay safe friends!

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Sending my love and prayers to New York, St. Lucia, the whole world. Be good to one another, this abnormality has shown us a new world in every aspect. Let’s not forget to bring that enlightenment forward as life gets better and we move toward an even newer normal.

🙏🏾 Thank you Jesus,

Danalee Francesca 💋

Travel Tuesday’s #IAmBecoming

What page are you on? I am listening to it on Audible, have about an hour to go and it has been oh so good. I love to read and it is even better when you feel like you are part of the story. With every word I feel like I know Southside, her pain of failing the bar exam, and her first meeting with Barack.

I spent many a summer in Chicago with family, so it was interesting to hear her story of growing up there. I have my own fond memories of the cold winters and the very hot summers spent with my Aunts, Uncle & cousins in Oak Park. Adding her political and socioeconomic context to the story such as explaining “white flight” which my parents often tell me about experiencing right here in Brooklyn was almost listening to a family member tell there story. So much seems so familiar listening to her Becoming as I go through my own journey of Becoming!

Get into it! It will take you on a journey.

Cheers to evolving,

Danalee Francesca 💋

#Spring #Florals, So Chic


Happy Easter! This is an oldie but goodie. Have had this coat for years. You get longevity out of statement pieces. I never get tired of it.


I wasn't ready to put my legs out, so I paired this look with grey tights, looks darker in the pic. But, it worked for me. Try something different, even if it may seem like it wouldn't work. You never know till you try!

Happy Easter my bunnies!  Florals, bright & bold are in…at least for me they are.  Try it out, let me know how you style it!

Cheers to Jesus & New Beginnings!

Hump Day Motivation: Inspiration, Faith, Habits, Beware of Toxic People


Inspiring! Malala is an activist for female education and youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. She has definitely gone through difficult times as we are all aware of but has persevered and continues to help others through

It’s hump day!  That day of the week when you finally feel like you see the light at the end of the work tunnel.   However, the work is never over, your dreams never fade.  Your motivation, your energy, your passion and the people around you may be what fades.  I recommend reading these articles to not only get over the Wednesday hump, but to continue riding the wave of life because really and truly everyday there is a hurdle to get over, be it good or bad. Knowing how to deal with it all is how you reach your goals, remain focused on your passion, fulfill dreams, stay motivated, continue to keep the fire lit even when it’s being doused with negativity.   How are you going to get over the everyday hump?  How are you keeping your passion, motivation sky high?  How will you eliminate the tricks from the real treats?  If you are looking to take your dreams further and be surrounded and uplifted by the right people read these articles that lend some guidance and Inspiration. Continue to be consistent and faithful during the good and bad times, don’t out your fire reignite it!
12 Habits of People Who Always Fulfill Their Dreams

10 Toxic People You Should Avoid Like The Plague

Inspirational Quotes from Malala Yousafzai

Cheers to riding the wave of life, not just getting over it!

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Known To Walk Alone For A Reason


Minding my business, as usual!  Of course trouble comes to you.  Listen carefully, as I sing this line ” I’m known to walk alone, but I’m alone for a reason.  Sending me a drink ain’t appeasing believe me.”

Love that line from the Beyonce song. Just because you walk alone, doesn’t mean you are lonely. I walk to a beat of an entirely different drum. If people don’t get it, then it means that it is way pass their pay grade. There’s no upgrading in that situation! Sometimes the ones walking in crowds are the loneliest.

You have to love the skin you are in before you can walk with others!


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Surround Yourself With Positivity


It's all about the animal prints and mixing the textures! Try it out, be bold be tenacious. Why not make a statement, you only go around this rodeo once 🙂

Every time I celebrate a birthday, I do a state of the union of my life (lol’ing at that).  It’s true you have to assess your “Union” otherwise known as your life.  Which led me to think about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive movements and vibes.  Whether it be people, things or places make a conscious effort to assess your situation and do away with the negativity.  It’s not about doing what’s popular.  It’s about doing what’s right for you. If negativity persists in finding you, like a moth to a flame, then perhaps you should try to follow your instincts more times then not. So that later on you are not kicking yourself about the negativity you let into your space when your “initial instinct” was to keep it out (see how that works :).

“Be more splendid.  Be more extraordinary.  Use every moment to fill yourself up” says Oprah!  Fill yourself up with the positive side of life.  Be a light unto yourself, so that you attract the best and filter out the rest.

This message has been brought to you from the good folks here at 🙂


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