Inspiration Wednesday~Student of St. Lucian parentage inspires HONY to launch campaign for school

Go Vidal!  Yes, you do matter!  We all can use some inspiration and motivation after the snowstorm. Is there a person on this planet that has not heard of Humans of New York, created by Brandon Stanton.  He recently asked Vidal Chastanet who has influenced him the most and he responded his principal, Ms. Lopez. His reason, “…because she tells us that we matter.”  Inspired by Vidal’s response he launched a campaign that will enable the kids from Vidal’s school, Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brownsville Brooklyn, to go on class trips to Harvard University. 

I can understand why Brandon was so moved by Vidal’s response.  It’s great when you know you matter to someone.  That your life, your very existence is appreciated and you are loved.    Read more about Vidal and HONY if you’d like to participate in The Vidal Fund. The campaign has now raised over $800,000, well beyond the $100,000 goal. Cheers to Mott Hall Bridges Academy, Brandon Stanton, and most especially Vidal who inspired this campaign because he was inspired.

Continue the cycle of inspiring one another!