Pink & Black Tie Gala

Where will you be on May 6th?   The correct answer is at the American Cancer Society’s Pink & Black Tie Gala.  This is sure to be a FAB event hosted by TLC’s “What Not To Wear” Stacy London, with great entertainment and a live auction of great items.  If you would like to take part in this event by either attending and/or sponsoring please check out the Pink & Black Gala site or contact me further details. 

The Gala Committee hopes to raise $225,000 to support the American Cancer Society’s lifesaving efforts in research, education, advocacy, and patient and family services.  The Brooklyn Office will meet the needs of 3,400 families facing cancer this year by providing free, comprehensive services and referrals.  Please assist us in this great cause and to reach our goal.

Hope to see you there!

What Is Your Daily Worth???

In time, work, when it comes to cash what is your worth!   How do you measure your daily worth no matter the circumstances.  The Daily Worth is a great website for women (men you can check it out as well) for figuring out your finances.  They send you tips on a daily basis on how to budget your money and how to be more financial savvy.  I think this is a great website and you the Fashionista/Frugalista should check it out!

Amanda Knox Convicted

Do you all remember that American College student that was charged with murder of her roommate in Italy?  The trial lasted a very long year.  They convicted her of murder, sentencing her to 26 yrs in prison.  Her ex-boyfriend was sentenced to 25 years.  It was a very strange case from the start with allegations of a twisted sex game that ended in the death of Meredith Kercher.  Read more about her story at WSJ

Picture Credit : CNN

Same-Sex Marriage A No Go In NYC

Touchy subject for most.  I mean can we just allow people to be happy? No, yes maybe?  Why are people so hell-bent in making others miserable.  Think about it, not just same-sex marriage but in many aspects of life.  People make things so difficult and for what exactly.  Not everything should be given a rubber stamp of approval.  But, if two women or men feel that they make each other happy enough to marry each other is it really my business or anyone else.  I know plenty of  heterosexuals that have no business being married,  let alone contemplation of the idea but we allow them to do so.  Can we just live life and allow others to do the same!  NY, I’m surprised. SMH!

Pictur Credit Keivom/News

The President’s Plan

Do you think President Obama’s plan is the answer?  Did he put all his efforts into Afghanistan, just as Bush did in Iraq?  I mean what can you logically decide to do in such a situation.  His administration has inherited this war.  How do you make a wrong, right?  Can you?  Or do you just strategize and try and determine the best decision to make for not only the American people, but the Afghan people and all involved.  Making a decision about a war is more than a head scratcher.  I think it would be great to just depart, bring the troops home.  But, then there are always consequences, for instance no civilian structure for the Afghan people would be in place.  There will always be a “but” or “consider our troops” statement etc.  Either way you slice it, it’s difficult.  Let’s just pray on the situation.  That’s my answer for everything!

Picture Credit AP

WTH Tiger…

Damn, Damn, Damn lol!  I’m so dramatic 🙂  I guess not even the squeaky clean ones can get it together.  “Had some transgressions…”  you damn right, I’m paraphrasing by the way.   I can’t understand why men cheat, well that’s a lie.  I understand, but before cheating you have a few options:

-Let the wife or girlfriend go…walk away from the situation. No?  Do you agree?

-Try and make the relationship more interesting…perhaps you (the man) is the one making the whole situation boring and tired!  

I’m just saying *wink*!

But, really I think it’s for him and his wife to figure out.  But, for PR purposes he may want to address the situation so the media and everyone can forget.  They will continue to chastise him until he does so.  Sad to say, the media is so mischievous!


The HOT new musical about the Nigerian singer, composer and activist, Fela Kuti.  The musical was choreographed by the very accomplished Bill T. Jones and produced by Jay-Z and Will & Jada Pinkett Smith.  I have heard rave reviews from my cousin, Aunt and girlfriend.  It’s a must see for the holidays.  I believe you can get orchestra seats for 20% off …I’ll let you know where and how!   Check the link for more info!

Read Any Good Books Lately…

My girlfriends and I have started a book club!  I need to read more than just a law book.  We’re gonna start with Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell.  He is also the author of Tipping Point and Blink.  Those books have been on my reading list, will get to it after the first read.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Let me know what you think about his other books!