Velvet Inspiration

I wore my DKNY velvet blouse today. Oversized, comfy goodness!  Was feeling for something with room,  warm and a tinge of cute. Ran into another lovely colleague with a like-minded wardrobe approach today wearing velvet slacks, looking very chic I might add. Attorneys are very stylish, contrary to the old style of how a traditional lawyer should look.

Velvet is a hot look during the holiday season.  For some reason, I think it gets a bad rap like its friend lace.  It can be worn both sexy and casual in my opinion.  You just have to make sure you buy the correct quality. Here’s a quick fabric lesson, velvet is traditionally made of silk, which makes it a better quality. However, it can be made with a mixture of many fabrics, synthetics, like polyester, viscose, acetate and others. It can also be made with cotton, usually called Velveteen, supposedly less luxurious but can still look great, just make sure it looks good in your eyes.

Here are some ideas from Polyvore, my eight picks range in price from $30 to $625, yikes! The white Ter Et Bantine dress is the higher priced one, chic but no need to break the bank, unless you absolutely must have it.









Try it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Fashionably yours,
~Danalee Francesca

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