Erykah Badu New Face of Givenchy


Does it always have to be Black vs White?  Apparently, the answer is yes for some people.  In that battle of races, white wins more times than not in the Fashion Industry, more specifically amongst models.  Surprising, in an environment that is driven by creativity and uniqueness there is still a lack of diversity.  For Riccardo Tisci he dances to a different tune.  He is the creative director of Givenchy and believes in supporting black models and hopes other labels will embrace the idea and do the same. 

Erykah Badu, although not known for being a model is certainly known for her beauty, great music and strong sense of style.  I applaude and congratulate her in this new endeavor.

Read more about it at Daily Mail!

Happy Friday the 13th,
~Danalee Francesca

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