Happy Independence Day


Hanging out at Nevins. One of my favorite train stations, it's clean 🙂

I remembered a former colleague once said to me that she would say to herself in the morning WWDW "What Would Danalee Wear."  Did I mention this before in another post, hope I am not telling that story again.  Anyway, I still think it is hilarious and flattered she would say that, let alone even think about me when she was getting dressed for work.  I never know what I am going to put on in the morning either.  The mood has to strike me. If I feel serious, whimsy, edgy, feisty, flirty, happy, pissed off, or a combination of all, then I know what I will throw on.

This morning I was feeling happy and flirty with a sprinkle of exhaustion!  What better way to express those feelings by smothering myself in pink.

Outfit check, matching yet mismatched casual holiday frock. It’s hot and truth be told I can’t put on a suit and be all lawyered up all the time.  In my world (Danalee’s world that is, come visit sometime) I think it’s just fine to throw on a summer dress and a sweater for the office.  Of course, since it’s a holiday weekend you may get away with a more relaxed look at the office. My sweater is a little see-through, ok a lot see-through.   However it’s not any ole sweater. The crochet pattern gives it a heightened flair, no?  I think so!

So, if you are having one of those no pencil skirt, no buttoned-down shirt and no heels kind of day try out this simple approach. You won’t regret it…

Cheers, to being Independent!  Be safe this weekend.

Oh and remember to keep it simple during the summer with your wardrobe, wherever your office may be. But, for my lawyers don’t wear this to court 🙂

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TGIT Thank God It’s Tuesday


Getting to work by any means necessary, that morn was by the great MTA bus 🙂 wearing this african print inspired frock. No ironing and flats type of day!


Another mode of transportation is the infamous dollar cabs, this one is legal of course! What was I saying?? Why deal with alternate side of the street parking this morn...


Love this cascading hemline dress. Easy yet eyecatching, paired with gold accents, belt and wedge heels. Summer casual!

I can’t wait till Friday to say “Thank God” because the struggle is real getting past a Monday.  Pat yourself on the back and say yes, you did it.  You made it.  So hard during the summer, when its nice out and you frolicked on the weekend, to get back into the swing of things.  But, it can be done.  Why not throw some sass into your weekday outfits with African-like prints.  Add some fun to make your week go by quicker.

Cheers TGIT!

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Eataly Ciao Bella


Weekend wear, short navajo print skirt with black tank and leather jacket with snakeskin gladiators.


Happy 🙂


My friend's boots are HOT! She bought them in Paris, of course. You can rock boots in the summer. Why not! On a cool day with the right attire, it can be done. She pulled it off, using a summer palette of cream tones.

Have you been to Eataly yet?  You should not only go to this 50,000 square foot mega market and frolic through the open area, make it your business to visit the actual country.  Both are beautiful!

The summer is all about the rooftop gatherings. The other night I had the pleasure of dining at Birreria, Eataly’s rooftop restaurant. I enjoyed the atmosphere, food and wine.  If you are a beer connoisseur, this is also the place for you. You have the Flatiron Building and the endless sky in the backdrop as you dine. What can beat that on a nice summer day.

I have to tell you my lamb chops were succulent and seasoned to perfection! After dinner we had to take a stroll through the market and visit the dessert section. The Venchi Italian Chocolates, superb. This place is to die for, you must go!





Arrivedurchi 🙂

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Black & White Mondays


I needed a great cup of coffee! I tried the Starbucks Reserve, Exotic Rare & Exquisite Brazilian blend, in honor of the World Cup. I tried it and loved it. I'm awake now 🙂

I spy lots of black & white today.  We all seemed to be on the same page with the color scheme.  I woke up this morning, not very peppy and needed something simple, no ironing required.  And there you have it a mixture of patterns, a floral dress paired with a black & white checkered suit jacket and pink heel. Don’t be afraid to mix your patterns you never know what’s going to work together! 

Remember not everything in life is just Black & White! 

Cheers to Monday…

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I Spy Pink

Drama in my world today, could it be because of Friday the 13th (cue spooky music). Let’s lighten up the mood with a discussion about Pink. Not the artist, although I did see her perform her behind off last week. Take a look 🙂

Pretty in Pink, I was told today. I Spy a few people wearing pink.  Not my favorite color, but I will try anything once, in the realm of fashion that is.

I woke up this morn, “without” a spring in my step and I reached for my pink sweater and a pair of what I call peachy pink pants I bought from Just Fab over a year ago.  I put these pants on several times but never liked the look, so never wore them.  I needed something bright, not requiring an iron and easy for what I had to get done this morning.  I admit the two  are of different shades of pink but it works in my eyes.  Balance it all out with a brown boot and in the words of Elephant man you are good to go.  What’s my motto?  Say it with me, keep it sexy and simple!

Let’s take a look at some Pink looks to warm up your look, check out these sites ladies Modcloth, My Wardrobe, Lulus



Men, check out Mr. Porter for these great pink finds:


How hot are these, what!! The price is hot also 🙂


Pinky aka Danalee Francesca

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Frugalista Find!

So, as promised I found a less expensive similar pair of boots!  I love these Steve Madden’s!  Ok, so they are a little over a $100 at $169.95, but still better than the other $300 pair.  Plus, now that its Christmas shopping season they are guaranteed to be on sale any day now.  If, you buy them on the Steve Madden site you get free shipping!  Oh yeah, this is my KISS pick of the week and on my wish list if anyone is reading and wants to get me a supa dupa pair of sexy boots *wink* 🙂

Keep It Sexy Simple: Spa Week

SpaLadies it’s that time again…Spa Week In NYC!  This is my KISS pick for the week.  Who cares what you’re wearing if you are tense and your inner spirit is not relaxed.  We all deserve a massage every once in a while.  Ladies pamper yourselves! 

Spa Week allows you to get those expensive treatments at great discounted prices.  Some of the best Spas participate.  Spa2So, book your treatment today.  The deals start today and end October 18th!   I love Bunya Citi Spa in Soho and Maximus Spa/Salon in Long Island.  Just a few recommendations.  Click on the link to join and find out more about Spa Week! 

Pink ribbon

Spa Week Media Group donates a portion of the proceeds from Fall Spa Week to the CancerandCareers Group!  You know I like that!

Ok now go and Relax, Relate, Release…Wooosa 🙂

Keep It Sexy Simple

My KISS pick of the week is the book The Style Strategy: A Less Is More Approach To Staying Chic And Shopping Smart written by Nina Garcia. Nina and I met up last night for a discussion on being a Frugalista! Ok, we didn’t exactly meet up lol. She had a reading at Barnes and Nobles in Tribeca. She was dressed very chic in a Black Dress and Black Suede Gladiator Heels…loved it!

So, you should know who Nina Garcia is? If you don’t, I’ll give you about two minutes to google her and return to my article. Nina made some good points about being stylish at an affordable price. She stated “Style does not have to cost lots of money. You should not be paying $120 for a T-Shirt. A 100% cotton Tee does not cost that much. Try to accessorize what’s in your closet, take inventory to see what can be altered and recycled. I feel the best accessory for the Fall is the Belt!” I think Nina has been reading my blog posts 🙂

A few questions for Nina:

Designers to look out for?

N: I was on the 5th Floor in Saks looking at the new designers and was happy to see Christian Siriano. Very happy, watch out for him. Also, Dore and Erdem. (I will have to go to Saks to see Dore, can’t seem to find it online???)

What guiding principle should we use in defining your style?

N: Think of what piece you are wearing when you are the most happy and comfortable and that should define your style. Not sweats and sneakers….

You discuss in your book how your Mom had a huge influence on your style. What piece of her wardrobe did you covet the most?

N: Her Pearls! She wore a long strand of pearls and I always wanted them. My Mom always seemed to be very stylish. She was not a sample size, more of a size 12, very curvaceous. She knew how to make clothes work for her. I have a huge admiration for my Mom because of her style influence on me.

Awww, thanks Nina! Let’s give her a huge Fashionista Applause 🙂 Be sure to watch Project Runway Tonight!